Honda and VICE Present Off the Map: New Orleans

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Honda and VICE teamed up to produce a new three-part video series titled Off the Map. The series follows motorcyclists escaping the city and hitting back roads to find adventure out in the countryside away from life’s daily distractions.

The first episode features video producer Ben Reece and his girlfriend Justine hop on a Honda CTX700N with automatic transmission and escape from New Orleans to explore the Louisiana bayou and catch crabs in the unincorporated fishing town of Cocodrie.


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  • Nimbus99 Nimbus99 on Nov 22, 2013

    The vid might have been a little cheesy, but dont be fooled. This is a great ride through the bayous. If you cant appreciate it, thats because cajun is in the blood baby. Good job. this is a ride I planned to take a few weeks back, but got rained out (not that I dont like riding in the rain, but the plan was to be 2-up). Maybe in the Spring.

    • Selarsson Selarsson on Nov 22, 2013

      Yeah.. you put on a white shirt and go on your moped ride. Vas, fais-toi plaisir. Let us know what the bugs taste like. Not saying there's nothing to see.. but the video.. too phony.

  • Wayne Vedeckis Wayne Vedeckis on Dec 09, 2013

    I live in the New Orleans area. Yep - Southern, rural Louisiana really looks like that. If you want fancy, beautiful and awesome, go to the Uptown/Audubon area of New Orleans. The simple life and friendly, down-to-earth, country folk really do grow on you (I am a native Chicagoan). I am looking forward to doing this ride. Yea, it would be better if the couple wore ATGATT, but at least they wore helmets (required by law).

    Staged - of course. But just "chill out" and enjoy. After all, that's what riding a motorcycle is all about!!

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    • Nickolas Radovanovic Nickolas Radovanovic on Dec 15, 2013

      Right on! Watch the next one. It ain't roasted rat. It's lightly sautéed, served in its own juices with a side of maggots! Mmmmmmm. Enjoy...