Harley Rider Shows Unbelievable Speed

Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke

Mulholland's Snake gets ripped up by speedy cruiser!

Some sportbike riders look down their noses at Harley riders for their perceived emphasis on cruising rather than performance. Well, some of those Ricky Racer wannabees might want to steer clear of the Harley pilot in this video shot on Mulholland Drive’s famous Snake section.

The video below begins at the Lookout point on Mulholland shot by a rider on a Honda CBR1000RR. As he’s entering the road, a guy on a Yamaha R1 rides past followed closely by a Harley Dyna of some sort with what looks to be aftermarket shocks and exhaust. The CBR rider eventually gives chase but doesn’t close in as quickly as the viewer – and maybe he – expects. The Harley guy blows past the R1, followed quickly by the Honda rider.

What happens next is riveting. The Harley dude has obviously been down this road before, and he’s also demonstrating he’s probably had considerable racing experience. He hangs way off the side of his bike in corners to help coax a few more degrees of lean angle out of his Dyna, and the sparks literally are flying. At around the 1:12 mark, he even paints a darkie with his rear tire as he explores the outer limits of his bike’s cornering grip. It’s fascinating watching the dichotomy of his carefully chosen lines and technical execution while his black t-shirt rides up his bare back.

Kevin Duke
Kevin Duke

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  • I'm With Her I'm With Her on Dec 28, 2016

    How much do Harley muffler/tail-pipes cost these days? As cool as that was, he is Darwin Award material.

  • Raewa58 Raewa58 on Jan 02, 2017

    I remember the days when young equated with invincible, what a thrilling ride!