I don’t know if when Honda puts a motorcycle in a crate it expects it to stay in there for 37 years, but whoever buys this 1980 still-in-the-crate CBX1000 off of Craigslist will pay handsomely to find out how good the state of post-manufacture suspended animation was in 1980.

A black 1980 CBX is what’s supposed to be in the crate.

It looks like things have gotten a bit damp at some point during all those years, and it looks plenty dusty inside there too. Still, the bike’s covered in plastic, hopefully well slathered in Cosmoline and whatever on the insides, and well, who knows?

The ad on Los Angeles Craigslist doesn’t say much, beyond:

For Sale Honda1980 CBX1000 new in factory crate.
No scammers and no price diggers. Send legit offers
Don’t waste my time with deals or trades.
Cash Only on final sale !!!!
Picture is Honda promotional brochure.
Item is located in New York

Do we detect a whiff of projection as the seller rails on about scammers, price diggers, cash only, exclamation points and wasted time? Who knows? What’s obvious by omission in the ad is where this crate came from, and how it arrived in its box 37 years later?

If you buy it, please invite MO and Geraldo Rivera over for the official unveiling, errr, uncrating.