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September 11, 2018
| On 2 years ago

2019 Ducati Scrambler Icon First Look

Ahead of our press introduction of the 2019 Ducati Scrambler Icon, we’ve received details of some of the nuances surrounding the upcoming model release. The Italian firm will continue to push its Land of Joy branding campaign that has surrounded the Scrambler marque since its inception in 2015. This latest “Joyvolution” focuses on new safety features and updated styling components, which add an “extra layer of untroubled freedom.”

The 2019 Scrambler Icon receives minimally revised bodywork and finishing, a new daytime running light to increase visibility and add a modern aesthetic, auto-canceling turn signals, more ergonomic switchgears for navigating through the menu, which also now includes fuel level information, and most notably, Bosch cornering ABS for added safety.

Ducati has made no claims that the Scrambler sub-brand was developed to top spec-sheet charts or deliver the maximum performance for which the Italian company has previously been known for. The Scrambler is meant to be an affordable and traditional motorcycle with a focus on the bare essentials while complimenting its owner’s lifestyle and the passion of being an individual.

“It’s a veritable lifestyle. Free-spirited, go-getting and non-conformist, open to other cultures and styles,” says Ducati, “Ducati Scrambler has created a world – the ‘Land of Joy’ – where aficionados can share their experiences and ideals.”

I can dig the idea behind this marketing campaign. Let yourself just embrace the idea without feeling the need to hipster-bash skinny jeans, locally-sourced craft-everything, and the 70’s-inspired culture the brand has ushered in to inspire new customers. Apparently, plenty of people all over the world have embraced the idea with Ducati citing 55,000 of the Scrambler models having been sold in the past four years. The Bologna-based manufacturer also claims in 2015, the Scrambler became the world’s 10th best-selling bike over 500cc, a first for Ducati.

We are looking forward to checking out the new Scrambler Icon in person next week. Stay tuned for a full first ride review coming soon.