EasyRider Show: True American Art

2003 Easyrider Bike Show

On January 25 there was an art exhibit at the Charlotte Convention Center. This art was not on canvas, but was created from steel  and chrome.

It sure wasn't a black tie affair either. The attire of choice here was black leather and denim. No pinky pointin', sushi eatin', wine sippin' citizens in this crowd. This is Nascar country, by God, Budweiser is king, and raw fish is what you use for bait around here. I'm talking about the 2003 Easyrider Bike Show in Charlotte, NC.

The crowd was treated to over 100 of the sweetest custom scoots you'd ever want to see. The majority of the bikes were from the South. North and South Carolina making up a large number of entries. When you attend one of these shows, it is impossible to really check out all the bikes. You start to feel like a little kid at Christmas who can't wait to open the next present.

Just about every one of them could be some one's dream ride. I would have been happy to cruise the strip on anyone of these bad boys, although I might have a hard time reaching the handlebars and controls on some of them. And how about the paint jobs, wow. Being the klutz that I am, I'd be afraid to take it out of the garage. There's no sense in trying to describe all these bikes to you in words, so I took a lot of pics for you to view. I would have taken more, but the beer lines took up a lot of my time.

The entertainment wasn't just the two-wheeled variety. There was also the Purrfect Angelz, a dance/modeling group of gorgeous     ladies who put on a great show. Their Easyrider outfits must have been really comfortable because the girls seemed to get excited modeling them. The crowd seemed pretty excited too. Also on hand was Roxy LeRoux, who posed with the crowd, and handed out trophies at the end of the show. In case you don't know who Roxy is, she is the Ms. Easyrider 2002, and formerly the tallest ever Penthouse Pet. At 6'2", add on 3" heels, she can only be described as "a whole lotta woman." The entertainment finale was The Edgar Winter Band, who rocked the house with a 20-minute version of "Frankenstein". I now remember why my hearing is so bad, and why I don't think the pipes on my bike are that loud.

One thing is for certain, if you're interested in viewing a true American art form, attend a bike show. These metal sculptures show the level of imagination and craftsmanship that exist in the good 'ole US-of-A.

Enjoy the pics, and zoom in to check out the amazing details and paint jobs. Special thanks to Action Promotions and Easyrider for their generosity.

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