2011 Easyriders Bike Show Report

G.P. Garson
by G.P. Garson

Instead of the white-knuckle ride all the way to the Pomona Fairplex, the usual venue for the annual L.A. area Easyriders bike show, this time it was closer to home, the event site being the semi-conviently located L.A. Convention Center.

Once you swallowed the $12 parking fee and the $18 show ticket, you entered the convention center’s massive interior that hosts, among other things, the L.A. Auto Show. In other words, there was plenty of room for show and tell. In this case the South Hall was hosting the acres of chrome and paint, with more than 250 custom bikes of all flavors filling the spacious environs.

But beyond the sea of motorcycles and vendor booths, the first thing that grabbed our attention was the mass of people lined up in a corner of the hall. They were snaking around an entrance way much like one found at Disneyland or Universal Studios or airport security. Up on stage sat the reason for the long line that never seemed to shorten from the beginning to the end of the day.

Fandamonium for Sons of Anarchy

The focus of interest in the above photo was Charlie Hunnam, aka Jackson “Jax” Teller , the lead character/hearthrob of the hit FX series “Sons of Anarchy.” Charlie was signing posters, and ladies were snuggling up with him for photos. Charlie was a real trooper, and his winning smile seemed genuine. And no, I didn’t stand in line. I had a date with Destiny. Or maybe her sister, Fate, or her cousin, Fickle.

One thing an Easyriders bike show brings out is the ladies, many of whom share a similar attribute. That would be black leather, of course. And, oh yeah, there were some cool bikes and the odd and unusual, my kind of stuff, from the vendors.

So here’s My Best of the Show Picks for those that didn’t make the one-day event.

Best Bang for the Buck Bike – “The Heist” - $3195

Sold by Cleveland Cycle Works under the banner of Guido Veloce Inc., this American engineered 250cc single-cylinder chopper is about to create a storm of interest. Just certified CARB- and freeway-legal, the fit, finish and components are top knotch.

Its engine is an upgraded Honda design and comes with both electric and kick start, electronic ignition and a 5-speed tranny. Top speed is said to be 70 mph. Several options allow for customizing. Definitely serious bang for the buck and a lot of fun to boot. Steal this bike, called “The Heist,” for just 3195 bucks. A vintage café looking sportbike version is also about to debut. More info at http://www.guidovelocegroup.com/.

Best Reason to Carry Sunscreen

The lovely threesome above is representative of the highly photogenic “California’s Glamour Girls,” an enterprise that offers a selection of models available for calendars, posters, special event promotions. More info at http://www.californiaglamourgirls.com/

Best Pair of Stacks/Baddest Bike on the Block

Paul Morrison turned a 7-second H-D FXR dragster into a street-legal monster he calls “Gangsta.” I dubbed it “Brute Force.”

Best Boombox on Two Wheels

This 2008 H-D Road Glide was amped up by Conely’s Custom Cycles of Chula Vista, Calif. Window panes were shattered in Milwaukee when they turned up the volume on Bon Jovi.

Best Use of Blue

This 1959 Panhead was built by Chris Richardson of L.A. Speed Shop in Alhambra, Calif. The young lady in the background just happened to be wearing the right ensemble, so I invited myself along.

Best Reason to Kick Something

Ornately crafted kickstands really tell people you’ve really put your foot down on customizing your bike. Problem is, someone might steal it off your bike, and boom, down it goes without a leg to stand on. I worry about those kinds of things.

Best Bike Not from the Vatican

This Pope boardtrack racer attracted a lot of attention. The American-made 623cc, 50 mph Pope was built 1911-1918 and was highly regarded for its quality. Today it’s highly regarded at vintage bike auctions. White tires were correct for the period prior to blackening agent added to the rubber. Note the interesting downdraft exhaust “pipe” at front of engine.

Best Homeless/Post-Apocalypse Bike

Points for nice oil dripping, but points off for the springer front end that looks too poshly polished.

Best Second Face

Ernest and Kimberly spent four years their gallery of wild “Second Face On” masks and eyewear combinations that feature impact resistant, anti-fog treated, optically clear and photochromatic lenses (which mean they adapt to the ambient light, getting lighter or darker as needed). They’re made in the USA with a lifetime warranty against lens breakage. They can also paint to your specs. Wear with or without helmet. But please do not walk into your local 7-11 wearing one. More info at http://www.secondfaceon.com/

Best Bling Bike

Last of the last breed of Hollister Indians, a 2000 model, sports fairing-mounted entertainment unit. Also built by Conely’s Custom Cycles. It comes with complete Third Season of Sons of Anarchy DVD and a quiver of arrows.

Best Converted from Color to Black and White Photo of Sons of Anarchy Actor

Fans of Sons of Anarchy will recognize the character of Marcus Álvarez, the prez of the rival bike club, the Mayans, who sometimes battles or teams up with the SOA. The character is played by actor Emilio Rivera.

Best Michael Jackson Hayabusa Theme Bike

His name is on the tank, but we’re not sure if he signed it personally. The 2000 Suzuki is owned by Porkchop from West L.A.

Best Bike Insurance Reptile Blow-Up Doll

The show offered various distractions for kids, including a game arcade and a bounce house, but to prevent childhood nightmares, the Giant Green Lizard was sent to the far end of the hall to do a meet and greet. It reportedly can swallow a whole Boss Hoss if so inclined.

Best Handcrafted Bike

Radical pro-street Shovelhead built by Larry Gladhart and Rick Neal of G&N Fabrications of El Monte/Duarte is literally handmade including frame, front end, even exhaust.

Best Vet

Charlie Bohnhoff served in the Korean War which, as he agrees, most people know little about or care about. In fact, it’s called “The Forgotten War.” Charlie hasn’t forgotten. He owns a wood milling company in L.A. and has been riding motorcycles since he was 14.

Best Reasons to Get Busted

Three spokesmodels for Annie’s Bail Bonds on patrol. As their card states, “Serving All Jails & Counties 24/7” – 1-888-4Bail-09. A number worth remembering in case you’ve got extra loud pipes.

Best Reason to Have a Lizard on Your Side

Interesting display of classic ‘70s Triumph Chopper features Jim Beam equipped sissy bar and aggressive road-rage personality. Bike’s owner is listed as Carrot from Duarte, Calif.

Best Scare the Bejeezuz Helmet

This striking helmet is available from Stryker Helmets.com and also comes in flat black with both clear and tinted eye shields. Seems someone in Sons of Anarchy should be wearing one of these.

Best I-Wish-I-Was-Ten-Years-Older Moment

The young lad wearing the Jesse James West Coast Choppers shirt is named Hunter. He’s apparently living up to his name thanks to obliging spokesperson for attorneys of LawTigers. 1-888-LawTigers, another number worth noting.

Best Why is My Dad Wearing that Hat and the Other Kid Gets the Tall Blond
Best Stunt Bike Near the Bathrooms Photo

Actually just a lull before a radical performance by stuntrider that drew big crowd.

Best Dreamin’ of My First Motorcycle

The Dad and his two kids checking out the bodacious bagger happened to be the guy to whom I gave my spare show ticket and I just realized he was in the shot. Hope you guys had a good time.

Best Proof That Trikes Are Finally Definitely Cool
Best Reason to Dig Out Your “Saturday Night Fever” White Suit
Best Christmas Stocking Stuffer Bike

This mini marvel is called “Lil Flyer,” a 200cc-powered, foot-clutch toy built by Clint Le Grant of Highway 66 located in Montclair, Calif. ( http://www.hy66chopeprs.com/).

Best Harley Speedway Bike

Okay, so it was also the only speedway bike at the show, and definitely the only one powered by H-D, but a dandy one by Rod of Illusion Motorsports who rebuilt the 500cc engine doubling the horsepower. He’s planning to race the bike. Imagine it as a street bike….

Best Bloodshot Eyes in the Morning Bagger

No worries about the car driver sniveling “I didn’t see you” with this2007 H-D Street Glide built by Ransom Customs of Compton, Calif.

Best We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Graphics Paintjob

Bike is named “Illusive1,” a 2010 H-D built in Glendale, Calif.

Best Reason for Bringing Back the Corset

Lauren in black, Jessica in blue, speak volumes for fashion as spokesmodels for the Sullen Clothing company.

Best Reason to Stay Hydrated

The bike’s called “Road Kill” for a reason. Besides the vulture, the elaborate display featured snakes, cacti, bones, varmints and a very chromey cool H-D.

Best Reason to Invest in Precious Metal

Now I know where all the copper plumbing from my building went. Master Builder Paul Yaffe built the “Copper Chopper” to celebrate the upcoming Arizona Centennial. For $5 you can buy a lottery ticket, drawing in February 2012. Yes, I bought one and a case of CopperClean because I’m so sure my lucky number will come up.

Mr. Garson wasn't the only MO connection at the Easyriders show. Longtime reader and contributor Matt Cuddy was also there, and he was asked to put on a stunt show aboard his motorized wheelchair. See the video here.

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