2008 Indy Dealer Expo Part 2

Motorcycle.com's picks for our top-10 favorites of the colossal show

The Indianapolis Dealer Expo is like a candy store for anyone into motorcycles and other powersports. Sad for you, then, that the general public isn’t allowed into the colossal show where vendors of all kinds show their wares.

We’ve already given you an inside look into the massive event in our first post from what’s called “the largest powersports aftermarket trade show in the world,” so if you haven’t yet checked it out, make sure you read Part 1, which includes two feature-packed videos.

We’ve saved some of the best for this installment, sorting the wheat from the chaff to come up with our 10 favorite products from the annual event now in its 40th year. Each can be seen in the two videos in this story. Make sure to click the Video link at the bottom of the page to see all 10 products. Now, in no particular order...

The massive Indianapolis Dealer Expo is the place where vendors show off their new products for the season.

Video Part 1

Rescue Tape

This could be my favorite product from the show. Rescue Tape is a welcome addition to my toolbox on the strength of its unique properties and incredible versatility. This silicone-based tape can mend just about anything, as its self-fusing properties create repairs that are both waterproof and air-tight. Leaky radiator or brake hoses can be quickly sealed because it can withstand 500-degree heat. Or create a custom O-ring in a single minute. Representative Beverly Elba even claims you could create a workable fan belt out this amazing stuff! Find out more at RescueTape.com. 

Ivie Freestand

This innovative tie-down system looks so simple that you might think it won’t work. But it does! Just roll your bike into the powder-coated steel apparatus and watch a pair of hooks catch and then fold in on a bike’s fork. One it’s clicked into place, the Freestand is set to hold your bike steady with no other straps. The $300 Freestand is for dirtbikes, while the $350 Freestand Pro accepts streetbikes. Check it out at IvieRacing.com.

Scorpion’s new Nip-Tuck for women offers a stylish choice for protective outerwear.

Scorpion Fem-Tech

Scorpion made a splash a few years back with its line of comfortable and eye-catching line of helmets, and now the marketing-savvy company is branching out into protective riding gear. And for ’08, Scorpion has added a line of attractive riding gear for the bourgeoning female market. Women always want to look good (and who doesn’t?), so Scopion has designed several attractive Fem-tech jackets for the curvier demographic, complete with a corset layout on their sides that ensures a form-fitting fit. The lovely Brooke and Nadia demonstrate in our video. More info about Fem-Tech can be found at ScorpionUSA.com.

exo2 Heated Clothing

Even though we live in Southern California, we hate the cold. So when a product comes along that can keep us cozy but do it in a new, more efficient way, we want to know about it. Using a rubber-like material called FabRoc, the exo2 supplies uniform heat with no hot spots, allowing the element to be placed close to skin. The stretchable material self-regulates its maximum temperature so it can’t overheat, and the element will continue to function even if cut or torn and is impossible to short out. Its power draw is so modest that some of the products offered by The Heat Inside can be powered by a rechargeable battery pack – no strings attached! From jackets to gloves to shoe insoles to a kidney-type belt, they can keep you covered with warmth.

This all-in-one point-of-view camera looks to be ideal for capturing all your motorcycle exploits on video.

V.I.O. Video Camera/Recorder

At Motorcycle.com, we’re committed to bringing you readers closer to the action by incorporating cool videos into all our bike tests. Once the boys at VIO send us one of their hands-free action video cameras, our videos will take another step forward. Their shockproof all-in-one system shoots at a high 720x480 resolution at 30 frames per second and is even waterproof to 3 feet. A 2GB SD card can hold 90 minutes of footage. Find out more at V.I.O.’s website or simply stay tuned to MO!

Video Part 2

(Click on here to access the video associated with these products.)

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

Some of the coolest sportbike bling ever, these ultra-lightweight hoops are individually baked for your riding and viewing pleasure. Cut major poundage from your bike’s wheels for big benefits to steering responsiveness and suspension control. Sure, the carbon fiber wheels aren’t cheap at $3900 a pair, but that’s less than what some New York governors spend on sex for an evening. Surf over to their website for more info.

Arai XD3

As the name implies, the XD3 is the third generation of the Japanese lid-maker’s adventure-touring/dual-sport helmet. It sports a new shell, diffuser ventilation and a pull-down spoiler in the chin bar. A new double neck roll helps make it quieter. As before, the dirtbikes-style brain bucket sports a swing-down faceshield for street duty that can be removed for strapping on a set of goggles when the road gets dirty. This lightweight gem is just hitting dealers as this is written. Point your browser here for more info.

Akuma V2 Stealth

Bringing a new take to the helmet market is this fresh design from Akuma. Its trick feature is based around an integrated power system that supplies juice for a front-mounted interior map light and red LED’s in back for added nighttime visibility. The fiberglass/Kevlar composite helmet retails for $419. Not cool enough? How about a tint-on-demand visor powered by a rechargeable battery? Find out more at AkumaHelmets.com.

Vanson Leathers Custom Program and Textile Gear

Vanson is known for high-quality, American-made protective riding gear. The best stuff is custom fitted, but such individual work often means a long wait. But Vanson’s new quick custom ordering can have an individualized jacket made for you within just 4-5 weeks. Feel free to tick off option boxes for colors, stripes, sleeve length, lettering, etc. And Vanson isn’t just for leather anymore. They also offer high-quality Cordura textile gear. New for the cruiser touring market is a waterproof jacket called the Niagara. The trick up this jacket’s sleeve is a patented venting system which has panels that zip open and fold away for when the sun comes out. See more at VansonLeathers.com.

Moto Cinch

At Motorcycle.com, we get plenty of experience loading bikes for transport. Regular tie-down straps can be a hassle and they can potentially damage fork seals because of the tension put into the fork when under compression. Moto Cinch uses a distinctive system that instead of pulling on a bike’s fork, it holds a bike solid by clamping down on footpegs. Once it’s set up for your bike, it takes just seconds to secure it without any stabilizing tie-downs. See MotoCinch.com.

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