Yamaha Announces Revamped WR450F

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, has unveiled the 2024 WR450F, an enduro-focused motorcycle with goals to set new standards in the open-class enduro segment. Building upon recent updates to Yamaha's acclaimed YZ450F motocrosser, the 2024 WR450F boasts a slimmer profile, reduced weight, enhanced power, and improved tractability, delivering a more versatile and user-friendly experience for fast enduro riders.

Distinct adjustments have been implemented across the entire machine to tailor it specifically for the demands of enduro riding. Yamaha's engineers and testers meticulously fine-tuned the bike's power delivery, handling, and suspension to cater to its role as a high-performance enduro machine, ensuring it stands apart from its motocross counterpart.

The upgrades made to the 2024 WR450F are said to contribute to weight reduction, enhanced handling, and increased tractability, resulting in a motorcycle that should offer an exceptional balance of speed, technical capability, and versatility.

Key Highlights of the 2024 Yamaha WR450F:

Lighter, More Powerful Engine: The new engine shares its design with the YZ450F and features several enhancements, including larger intake valves, a lighter piston, revised bearings, and optimized crank mass inertia. Numerous components have been lightened, reducing the engine's weight by 2.4 pounds. The ECU has been fine-tuned to provide tractability at low speeds and robust power delivery at medium to high speeds.

New Transmission: The drivetrain incorporates the YZ450F's lightweight disc-spring clutch, offering a more compact and responsive feel. The five-speed gearbox features wider main shaft gears tailored for enduro racing.

Lower Center of Gravity: The advanced aluminum bilateral beam frame has been optimized with a 15mm lower head pipe joint, lowering the frame rail and tension pipe to shift the center of gravity downward. This design change enhances handling, cornering, and bump absorption.

Revised KYB Suspension: The updated KYB suspension includes tool-free compression damping adjustment on the fork's top. With a lower seat height and center of gravity, the WR450F offers 11.8 inches of front suspension travel and 12 inches of rear suspension travel, providing precise control on diverse terrains and improving grip and traction.

Slimmer Bodywork with Improved Ergonomics: The motorcycle features streamlined bodywork with narrower shroud width, smoother side surfaces, and a flatter, narrower seat for enhanced rider movement and comfort. The riding position offers increased legroom and more natural handlebar positioning.

Additional Lightweight Components: Various lightweight components, such as the rear wheel, rear braking system, lithium-ion battery, footpeg bracket, and throttle cables, contribute to an overall weight savings of over 4 pounds.

Additional New Features: The 2024 WR450F includes a new skid plate for enhanced protection, multifunction switchgear, a multifunction meter display, a water-resistant PVC handlebar pad, a redesigned rear fender, and improved fork seals.

Yamaha's 2024 WR450F combines these refinements to offer riders a high-performance enduro motorcycle designed for exceptional handling, power delivery, and rider comfort.

2024 WR450F Features & Benefits

  • New fuel-injected 450cc engine is lighter, more compact and more powerful
  • Model-specific ECU produces tractability at low speeds and full power at medium to high speeds
  • Model-specific suspension settings tuned for enduro performance
  • New toolless front fork compression damping adjusters
  • Redesigned aluminum bilateral beam frame sits lower with WR450F-specific engine mounts
  • Flatter seat with more rounded edges makes it easy to move about while riding
  • New air flow management system allows a more compact body including 50mm narrower shrouds
  • Lower center of gravity assists in negotiating tight corners
  • Mass centralized fuel tank and muffler
  • New lighter clutch and revised wide-ratio gearbox
  • Lighter rear wheel, hub and brake assembly
  • New multi-function switchgear
  • New full protection skid plate
  • New rear fender with handy grab area
  • New water-resistant bar pad
  • Lighter lithium-ion battery, footpeg bracket, throttle cables and more

The new 2024 WR450F will be offered in Team Yamaha Blue and will be available from dealers in November for $10,199 MSRP.Additionally, the WR250F returns unchanged for 2024, offered in Team Yamaha Blue and available from dealers this in November for $8,999 MSRP.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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  • David K David K on Sep 19, 2023

    Yes, standard silver is the best color on a motorcycle. At the most, black could be a substitute. Also, get rid of the electric start on dirt bikes. What do you do if the battery goes bad and because of the terrain, it does permit a jump start? Save weight, save money, on something already overpriced.

  • Duken4evr Duken4evr on Dec 12, 2023

    The best thing going for Yamaha is their excellent KYB suspension, and Yamaha's engines tend to be durable and they last better than other brands. Meanwhile over in KTM and KTM clone land, I don't know why it is has been so difficult for so many years for WP to figure out how to make a decent dirt bike fork. Just copy KYB and get it over with πŸ˜†

    I own an '18 KTM 300 XC, which is an excellent dirt bike in every respect, it even has a tiny lightweight 85cc bike sized residual backup kicker on it along with it's e-start, which is very handy when riding in tough terrain. It also has a nice simple carb and it can run on a dead battery.

    The fly in this otherwise near perfect two stroke pie? It's AER air fork sucks and I had to spend more money to fix it. Oh well, that sort of thing is as old as time in dirt bike land.