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Off-road racer Cody Webb has introduced CW2 Training, an online platform for off-road enthusiasts, set to debut next year. With a career over ten years and multiple championship titles, Webb is sharing his knowledge with a wider audience, aiming to help riders improve their off-road skills.

The CW2 Online Training Course has a curriculum suitable for riders ranging from beginners to experts. Webb's guidance will cover off-roading challenges, detailed instruction on techniques, bike configuration, race strategies, and more.


Key Course Highlights:

● Learn from a champion: Cody Webb's wealth of experience in the world of off-road racing, including multiple national championships and international accolades, makes him the perfect instructor for aspiring riders.

● Comprehensive Skill Development: The course covers a wide range of skills, including body positioning, obstacle navigation, race preparation, and advanced riding techniques.

● Accessible from Anywhere: Members can access the course content from the comfort of their own homes, allowing them to learn at their own pace and practice skills on their local trails.

● Video Tutorials: High-quality video tutorials featuring Cody Webb himself demonstrate techniques, share pro tips, and provide step-by-step instructions.

● Exclusive Community: Join an exclusive online community where riders can interact, share experiences, and seek advice from fellow course participants.

● Coaching: Members will be able to submit videos and photos to receive personalized feedback from Cody Webb. In addition, members will have access to exclusive track walks with Cody at select hard enduro and endurcross races.

● Ongoing Updates: As the sport evolves and new techniques emerge, the CW2 Training platform will be continuously updated to keep members on the forefront of off-road riding.


"I'm excited to be able to share my passion and knowledge with off-road riders worldwide,” said Webb. “This online training course is the culmination of years of experience, dedication, and love for the sport. My goal is to empower riders to improve their skills, build their confidence, and truly enjoy the exhilaration of off-road riding."

A special rate for early registration for the CW2 Training course is available for those joining the mailing list. For more details and early registration, check

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