Updated 2024 KTM Enduro Range Revealed

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Two-stroke and four-stroke models feature 95% new components

KTM has updated its enduro range for 2024, including both two-stroke and four-stroke models and the U.S. street legal 350 EXC-F and 500 EXC-F. The entire lineup has been revamped, with KTM claiming 95% of the components are new, including the frame, suspension, and bodywork.

For North America, the 2024 enduro line will again include the two-stroke 150 XC-W, 250 XC-W, and 300 XC-W (for everywhere else in the world, the XC-W models will simply be branded as EXC models). The North American four-stroke enduro line will consist of the two street legal EXC-Fs and the competition-only 450 XCF-W model, plus two new 350 XW-F and 500 XW-F models. The XW-F bikes are 50-state off-highway compliant and come with a USFS-approved spark arrestor as standard. Internationally, the four-stroke line-up is more streamlined, with just four non-street legal EXC-F models in 250, 350, 450, and 500 displacements.

New for 2024 are the KTM 350 XW-F and 500 XW-F off-road-only models.

The biggest change for the 2024 lineup is an all-new hydro-formed, laser-cut and robot-welded frame. According to KTM, the new frame offers new longitudinal and torsional flex parameters, providing better feedback, energy absorption, and straight-line stability than the previous chassis. The subframe is also all new, made of a combination of reinforced aluminum and polyamide. All of the electronic components are fully-integrated into the subframe, providing better protection while also being easier to access.

The new bodywork was developed with feedback from the FMF KTM Factory team, with KTM claiming better knee contact, especially when standing up on the pegs, and an improved rider triangle. The front fender has also been redesigned with new mud-repelling fins. The transparent polythene fuel tank is also new, offering 2.24 gallons of fuel capacity for the four-stroke models and 2.37 gallons for the two-strokes.

The all-new 48mm WP XACT Closed Cartridge Spring fork offer a new mid-valve piston concept that KTM claims to provide optimal oil flow within the cartridge. The WP XPLOR PDS rear shock has also been retuned for the new chassis. Both front and rear suspension continue to offer full compression and damping adjustments via hand clickers. Rear preload is also adjustable.

The two-stroke engines introduce a new electronic throttle body injection (TBI) technology, which KTM claims to provide near carburetor-levels of smooth power delivery, without requiring re-jetting to adjust for different altitudes. The reed valve cases receive new plastic flaps to improve sealing for the intake tract, which KTM says will prevent the fuel from running too rich in extreme uphill or downhill sections. The engine electronics offer new exhaust control and two engine maps, though you'll need an optional switch to toggle between them.

The four-stroke engines are tilted backward 2° compared to the previous design, while the front sprocket now sits 3 mm lower for an improved center of gravity. Along with the new chassis, KTM claims the 2024 range offers better traction on extreme inclines and improves power delivery out of corners in special enduro stages.

The 2024 450 XCF-W can now be equipped with an optional traction control and, in a first for enduros, a quickshifter that offers clutchless upshifts from 2nd to sixth gear.

The 2024 KTM 450 XCF-W can be equipped with traction control and a quickshifter.

The 2024 XC-W and XCF-W models will land in North American dealerships in June, while the EXC-F and XW-F models won't arrive until August.

Meanwhile, we should expect similar updates to come to the enduro models from Husqvarna and GasGas, including the red brand's first street legal versions of the 350 and 500 EXC-F.

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  • John Phytt John Phytt on May 24, 2023

    " in a first for enduros, a quickshifter that offers clutchless upshifts from 2nd to sixth gear. "

    Is that because they shift so easily without a clutch anyway ? With electronics now so important . T.C, etc, seem well OBVIOUS

  • Justin Justin on Oct 03, 2023

    i hate this ktm it is terrible it ran over my dog