Suzuki GSX-8R Confirmed in Certification Filings

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

A faired version of the GSX-8S tabbed for 2024

The Suzuki GSX-8S will soon be joined by a GSX-8R sportbike, according to new certification data published in Switzerland.

The preliminary data out of Switzerland is still incomplete, but there’s enough information for us to draw some conclusions. The biggest clue is that the new model was filed with the codename “GSX800 (8R),” differentiating it from the 8S which is certified as just “GSX800” without the parentheses. But if that’s not enough, the other data in the certification leaves little doubt that the new model is a GSX-8R sportbike.

According to the Swiss certification data, the 8R will share the same engine as the GSX-8S: a 776cc Parallel-Twin engine claiming 61 kW (81.8 hp) at 8,500 rpm and 78 nM (57.5 lb-ft.) at 6,800 rpm. Despite the similar figures, the certification data lists the 8R with a top speed of 215 kph (134 mph), whereas the naked GSX-8S is certified with a maximum speed of 210 kph (130 mph). The data also lists a variant labeled as the “GSX800U 8R” indicating a depowered 35 kW version for European A2 licensing.

The data also includes the suspected GSX-8R’s dimensions, including a length of 83.3 inches, and a wheelbase of 57.7 inches, both identical to the GSX-8S, suggesting no major differences to their chassis. At 30.3 inches, the 8R is slightly narrower than the 8S’ 30.5 inches, which might simply be a result of swapping out the handlebar for clip-ons. The 8R is also slightly taller at 44.7 inches compared to the 8S’ 43.5 inches.

The certification data lists the GSX-8S at a weight of 277 kg, including a 75 kg rider, resulting in a wet weight of 202 kg (445 pounds), but the suspected GSX-8R is listed at 280 kg. Taking away a 75 kg rider leaves us with a wet weight of 205 kg (452 pounds), which could be accounted for by the addition of fairings and any necessary mounting hardware.

We expect more information to come out about the GSX-8R in the next few days as the data gets fleshed out, but the full model reveal will likely be saved for EICMA in November.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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