Honda Motocompacto Brings Back the Foldable Suitcase Scooter Concept

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

The most Honda thing you will see today

Honda has revived its Motocompo suitcase-sized scooter idea from the ’80s with a new electric model called the Motocompacto. Designed as an urban personal transportation solution, the Motocompacto will be sold online at or at Honda and Acura car dealerships for $995.

Like its predecessor, the Motocompacto has a compact, foldable design. Measuring 29.2 x 21.1 x 3.7 inches when fully folded, and weighing 41.3 pounds, the Motocompacto can be easily stowed in the trunk of a car or even carried onto public transportation.

The Motocompacto offers very modest performance, with a permanent magnet 490W front wheel hub motor claiming an output of 11.8 lb-ft., with a claimed top speed of 15 mph. That may not sound like much, but as a “first and last mile” solution, it isn’t supposed to be. The original Motocompo, produced from 1981 to 1983, was powered by a 49cc two-stroke engine producing a claimed 2.5 hp at 5,000 rpm and 2.7 lb-ft. The Motocompo also weighed 99 pounds with a full 0.58-gallon tank, more than twice the weight of the Motocompacto.

The battery has a 6.8 Ah capacity, which Honda says will provide a range of 12 miles and can get fully charged in 3.5 hours from a common 110v outlet.

Inside the white casing is an aluminum frame, a 6.8 Ah battery, and on-board storage for the charger and other small items.

The Motocompacto has a single seat, foldable footpegs, an LED display, and a convenient handle for lugging it around. An accompanying mobile app lets riders adjust the Motocompacto’s settings such as lighting and ride modes over a Bluetooth connection.

The Honda Motocompacto will be available for purchase starting in November for $995, along with a host of accessories.

2024 Honda Motocompacto Specifications

Motor Type

Permanent magnet, direct drive

Peak Output



11.8 lb.-ft./16 Nm (claimed)


Front-wheel drive

Max Speed

15 mph

Battery Capacity


Charge Time

3.5 hours (110v)


Up to 12 miles


29.2 inches

Length (ready-to-ride / folded)

38.1 inches / 29.2 inches

Height (ready-to-ride / folded)

35.0 inches / 21.1 inches

Width (ready-to-ride / folded)

17.2 inches / 3.7 inches

Seat Height

24.5 inches


41.3 lbs. (claimed)

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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