Alpinestars Supertech R10 Helmet – Video Review

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

A wordy and in-depth review of Alpinestars’ full-face helmet, in video form.

Photos: Alpinestars. Video: Alpinestars, edited by Eddie Mines
Photos: Alpinestars. Video: Alpinestars, edited by Eddie Mines

For years, if you wanted to be protected by Alpinestars, you could get all kinds of coverage from your toes all the way to your… neck. The single piece of protective gear missing – and it was a glaring hole in the company portfolio – was helmets. The dirt guys got their wishes answered a few years back with the Supertech M10 helmet, but street and track riders were still missing out.

Finally, Alpinestars has unveiled its final piece of the road-rider’s protective puzzle: the Supertech R10 full-face helmet. One could say that by waiting so long to release a helmet, Alpinestars studied the established helmet market and decided for themselves what works, what doesn’t, and what – if any – areas there were to improve or innovate upon.

If you’re the reading type (which you must be if you’re here), you can check out my full written review of the SR10 helmet, wherein I go into all the details of what the helmet has to offer. In short, there are a lot of features, but it’s clear the bulk of the development work went into the wind tunnel and making sure the SR10 was as aerodynamic and stable as possible. This was the overriding feature I kept coming back to after riding with the helmet on the track and over 400 kilometers of Italian roads to and from the Mugello MotoGP round.

However, if you’d also like to see and hear me talk about the SR10 helmet, we put together an in-depth video review as well, which you can see above. In the video, I go over many of the same topics like construction, features, and riding impressions, but you can also see my immediate thoughts and body language as I recorded it directly after my track and street rides.

The helmet you see in the story and video is the Launch Edition of the SR10, in which only 200 were made worldwide. I use the past tense “were” because since the video was shot, Alpinestars changed the release date and offered them for sale early. According to Alpinestars, it only took seconds for all 200 to be snatched up. Standard versions of the helmet should be for sale in early 2024.

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  • FXDR FXDR on Jul 21, 2023

    Unfortunately not in the USA yet. @revzilla

  • Lorena Kooper Lorena Kooper on Jul 25, 2023

    The Helmet feature in the review and video is the launch Edition of the SR10,of which only 200 were produced worldwide.