It's Time to Repair Your Aerostich Gear

John Burns
by John Burns
it s time to repair your aerostich gear

While you’re hibernating with your motorcycle, don’t forget to tend to your gear as well while awaiting Spring. Whether it’s a complete overhaul repair or a deep cleaning/water-repellant renewal, now’s the time, says our man Goldfine, at Aerostich:

Our repair experts are available to turn-around incoming work quickly this time of year. So this is a great time to get your Aerostich gear carefully repaired or refurbished – or even have us clean and renew the water-repellent treatment. Your suit, jacket, or pants will be ready to ride again well in time for spring. Average turnaround time is 1 to 3 weeks.

Details are right here. I think I’m going to take Aerostich up on the offer…

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