RSD Combats the Pandemic Blues With Worldwide Coronavirus Bike Build-Off

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Leave it to Roland Sands and crew to initiate the worldwide Coronavirus Bike Build-Off.

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The team at RSD has come up with a cure for the quarantine boredom, enter the #CORONAVIRUSBIKEBUILDOFF. With lots of cash and prizes up for grabs, we want to see your best builds. The C.V.B.B is a global contest open to all things two wheels …maybe even three.

LOS ALAMITOS, CA March 24, 2020 – The Corona Virus Bike Build is the “if I only had the time to work on my bike” incarnate. As most of us are sequestered to our homes, we are encouraging bike builders from all backgrounds to help flatten the curve and finally tackle that project that’s been sitting idle either in the garage or your imagination. We’ve teamed up with key industry sponsors @motulusa @ridedunlop @bell_powersports @fox @paughcoparts @pit_viper @lexinmoto and @bikergearclub to kick in cash and prizes to aid in the completion of your builds. RSD has even discounted most RSD hard parts at 19% off across our website.

Like most things we do, the rules are loose.

Rule #1 Build what you like, we’d prefer it be two wheels and motorized, but if you build a badass trike or a bicycle, we won’t be mad.

Rule #2 #hashtaging a completed build is ok, but you probably won’t win.

Rule #3 We don’t know when this shit show is going to end, so as of this time, there is no official end date. Our best approximation is Mid May or five to eight weeks from today. That said, things could change and be extended or shortened due to severity.

Rule #4 Socialize!! Have fun with it. Talk about it, hashtag, share it with friends, basically do everything you’re not supposed to do right now, just do it on social media. Show your fellow builders support, like and comment on projects that you love or maybe ones you think need a little extra help. Keep it funny, treat people with the respect you afford yourself and stay away from everyone!!!

Rule #5 This is a worldwide competition. We are all in this together borders and oceans may separate us, but the heart of the two-wheeled culture is alive and well and lives through all of us and the Corona Bike Build Off.

Judging will take place all online with special guest judges, so make sure you are following our channels and using correct hashtags to get noticed and have a chance to win. Post often and Tag always. The more active you are the better your chances.

There will be specific giveaways pertaining to the sponsors, so be sure to stay in touch and follow the #coronavirusbikebuildoff hashtag on Instagram for up to date info. And tag #coronavirusbikebuildoff @rolandsandsdesign @rolandsands @motulusa @ridedunlop @bell_powersports @fox @paughcoparts @pit_viper @lexinmoto and @bikergearclub

“What are ya gonna do when there’s nothin to do? Why not build a motorcycle!” says Roland Sands of RSD.“This is the time to get after those projects we’ve been meaning to get around to since the entire motorcycle community is on collective pause.”

Be vigilant, stay home, build bikes, have fun. Put that quarantine to work and put that work in while on quarantine!

Press Release
Press Release

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