Ride to the VBR in Fresh Cotton Riding Shorts

John Burns
by John Burns

Aerostich’s Very Boring Rally 4 is this weekend in Duluth, Minnesota and environs! While there’s probably no time to mail-order a couple pairs of new Cotton Riding Shorts, picking them up in Duluth becomes an excellent option when the dangling carrot is 50% off the second pair.

Aerostich Press Release:

Nylon or polyester fabrics worn directly between you and a riding suit’s nylon (or polyester) outer layer are not especially comfortable when things turn warmer. You want something against your skin that will absorb, disperse, and wick body moisture.
Step out of your gear at a roadside stop wearing only cotton boxers (or briefs) and as comfortable as this might be, someone might call the fashion-police, and they might come and haul your skivvy-clad butt off to fashion-jail in the back of their fashion-squad car.
Old-school all-purpose 100% cotton twill shorts are what you need. Simple. Unlined. The kind that become softer and better the more you wash them.
We looked all over the place for nice old fashioned cotton gym shorts exactly like these. You’d think finding some would have been easy, with Google and Alibaba and everything else right there on the internet. And with Asia full of hungry garment sewers. Not so.
Finding the perfect shorts was like finding the right temperature porridge in ‘The Three Bears’ children’s story. Some were too lightweight. Some were too elaborate. Some needed a separate belt. Some were too expensive. All had some type of goofy problem.
After a couple of years we gave up and stopped looking and the hell with it. We made our own. Now they are being sewn every day, here. Right along with the riding suits. In five colors and two lengths. Of a wonderful old-fashioned 100% cotton medium weight twill that gets softer and better every time it’s washed.
These all-purpose shorts last forever and they don’t look bad when you are just standing around somewhere in your riding boots and a t-shirt. Wear under your riding suit or pants, with or without other underwear. (Try commando.) When you are not in your riding gear they look like respectable shorts, yet function like comfortable underwear when you are. Especially after a few washes.
Cotton riding shorts like these are essential riding equipment when you wear synthetic protective textile rider’s gear. Try them. You won’t be disappointed. Ride all day in sweet comfort.

New 2018 design updates: Based on customer feedback and our use, these shorts now have deeper pockets and slightly narrower leg opening for greater functionality and comfort.

John Burns
John Burns

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