Aerostich Is Serious When It Says "Hand Made"

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You want Made in America? Aerostich will give you Made in America…

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All Aerostich products are hand crafted, and most are individually made one-at-a-time by skilled experts using time-honored sewing techniques. There are no assembly lines. Gear is created from start-to-finish in Duluth Minnesota, inside an old (1905) three floor brick industrial building where we also provide expert fittings, alterations and services. The riding suits, jackets, gloves, bags and pants produced are designed, engineered and assembled to be the best equipment available, and to last for many years, across tens of thousands of miles, through severe weather, and in the most challenging situations.

On the top floor we precisely cut the latest advanced technical fabrics and materials using automatic computerized equipment. Each piece of TF impact armor is also built here. One floor below a bunch of very skilled industrial sewing and seam sealing experts work using several rows of modern sewing equipment. Working together with a few quality inspectors each item is created. On the first floor there’s a retail store with tons of riding suits and the rest of the catalog’s items, plus a shipping-receiving area and a telephone call center.

Demanding and experienced riders worldwide have chosen Aerostich’s purposefully-tailored, highly functional gear for over thirty three years, because each handmade item combines thoughtful design and exacting production quality, with countless experience-proven features and rider-driven refinements. It’s a difference you’ll appreciate on every ride.

We are proud to produce some of the worlds best, highest quality, highest performance, most advanced-technology gear from our old well-worn facility near the shores of Lake Superior. We hope you’ll someday come for a visit and if you have a few minutes to spare we’d like to show you around.

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Press Release
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