Found on Kickstarter: ALLight Self-Leveling Projector Beam for Motorcycles

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found on kickstarter allight self leveling projector beam for motorcycles

ALLight, ALLight, ALLight. We were hipped to this little gizmo by someone very special (and old) to us. Here at MO, we’re all about motorcycles and projector beams and ALLight has put them together.

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Always Level Projector Light

ALLight provides all the advantages of a projector headlight while keeping that light level no matter your vehicles lean or tilt.

ALLight aims to take advantage of modern projectors by keeping the light level. This is a huge evolution in headlights as it keeps the rider’s vision of the upcoming road visible without relying on street lights. Not to mention that it does not blind the oncoming traffic.

found on kickstarter allight self leveling projector beam for motorcycles

When you take your bike, scooter, or moped on turns you are not turning your handlebars but rather leaning the vehicle at higher speeds, about 10mph or more). Not seeing the road ahead at night is a major safety concern, and blinding the oncoming traffic is no better.

While all motorcycles experience the lean angle even a slight lean 5-10 degrees could be enough to not see something on the road in front of you.

The following graph shows how fast your lean angle while taking a turn at the following forward speeds. Remember the horizontal axis is in ft/s, not mph.

found on kickstarter allight self leveling projector beam for motorcycles

Majority of motorcycles have a H4,H7, or H11 headlight bulb socket type. With the universal thread mount and the three included washer adapters, we are able to install in any motorcycle headlight light socket.

H4 bulb socket type install is as easy as changing a bulb.

H7 and H11 headlight socket types have a longer install process. Removing the headlight assembly from the motorcycle and baking off the headlight cover is needed to install the Allight Retrofit.

The Story

“I have always been into motorcycles and going fast as a kid. I could not help but observe how the headlights of these cool motorcycles seems to be a generation or two behind cars. Always have known about bikers wanting to modify their bikes with cool projector beams but thought it was dangerous. The day I saw a gimbal motor stabilize a camera especially withstanding the force of inertia….. a lightbulb went off” – Peymon Hashimoto Founder

Check out ALLight’s Kickstarter page here.

Press Release
Press Release

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