Fireside Chat With Cristiano Silei on Dainese Settantadue

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Dainese, one of Italy’s premier motorcycle apparel and gear designers, knows a thing or two about style – they’re Italian, after all. And the Settantadue line is all about celebrating the company’s roots with more vintage styling compared to their more race-inspired gear. But just because it looks retro, doesn’t mean it doesn’t function like modern protective gear.


Cristiano Silei, CEO of Dainese, is most of all a passionate biker. He takes us into the new world of Dainese Settantadue, mixing marketing strategy and pure motorcycle love.

“The story for me is straightforward” he explains. “Even before I joined here, I knew Dainese well, and the products. I was a fan. But what I found when I arrived was so much more than I expected… The more I dug into the brands, the more I realised that we have a huge history.

This year we celebrate our anniversaries, so it’s the right time for us to make a step towards people who don’t see the motorbike exclusively as a performance or tourism tool. We thought it was the best omen to launch Dainese Settantadue. I gave my office to a dedicated team. They worked on this new brand and a first collection aimed to romantic bikers: lovers of beautiful products with a non-tech look.

“The way we look at Dainese Settantadue is not retro. We are just fishing from our very long heritage, but we produce contemporary products. Being proud of celebrating our long history, we got inspired by our culture and chose to tell the story which we contributed to write.

However, all the jackets have protections, which didn’t happen in retro items. And all of them use very modern contemporary solutions such as high-quality zippers and refined interiors.”

“Why did we put protections in these jackets? Opening up to the classic and special world doesn’t mean forgetting that you can enjoy the sport you love while being safe. We know that back protectors dramatically reduce and prevent spinal injuries but people still aren’t using them consistently. In the summer people don’t like to wear them because they sweat a lot, but they’re putting their safety at risk, so we needed to find a way around this.

ProArmor is light, flexible and aerated. Patina 72, for example, is a soft drum-dyed premium jacket, subjected to a particular manual brushing technique for a unique look. It brings together Italian flavor and our know-how for style, fit and protection. It features removable certified Dainese Pro-Armor protection at the shoulders and elbows, and it has a back-protector pouch. This means that you can wear your Dainese Settantadue jacket while riding to work or on a night date, be good looking and protected all the time.”

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