Announced: Lee Parks Design Sumo Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves For Men And Women

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To get an in-person look at the Lee Parks Design Sumo Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves, go to the Lee Parks Design Try-On Event: February 9-11, 2018 at the Chicago Motorcycle Show

Chicago-area motorcyclists are invited to check out the entire line of Lee Parks Design gloves with all of their senses, meet its founder and make purchases at its Try-On event during The Progressive International Motorcycle Show tour stop at Stephens Convention Center on February 9-11, 2018.

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New Product: Lee Parks Design Sumo™ Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women

VICTORVILLE, Calif. (February 2, 2018) – Lee Parks Design is proud to introduce the next generation of its legendary deerskin motorcycle riding gloves, the new Sumo™ and Sumo R™, which come in five hand-hugging sizes to cover men and women.

Timeless Design Meets High-Tech Protection and Convenience

The Sumos exemplify a modern take on a timeless American design. They combine the supple comfort, superior protection, direct control feel and classic look of Lee Parks Design’s iconic DeerTours®, with a unique, 7-piece system of flexible, impact-absorbing armor protecting fingers, knuckles and wrist bones. In a nod to technology, the gloves’ specially tanned index finger and thumb patches magically enable accurate touchscreen gestures with gloved hands.

These new gloves are also distinguished by wider, half-inch-longer cuffs that better fit over bulky jacket sleeves, topped by thick, rolled hems that can be held tight to assist when donning the Sumos, before securing them with adjustable wrist closures held firmly by Velcro® material.

Personalized Fit and Storytelling Patina

Available in extra-small to extra-large unisex sizes, Sumo fit can be further personalized by stretching or shrinking them using warm water and air- or forced-air drying. This also helps initiate the pigment-change process which gives every Sumo a unique, timeworn patina that reflects their storied lives.

Handcrafted to Perfection

Built on the DeerTours platform by true leatherwork artisans, Sumos are handcrafted from the same 2.75-ounce deerskin, then cut and sewn utilizing design and production techniques which cemented the DeerTours’ 17-year legacy.

During this time, they’ve been tested over millions of road miles and proven by hundreds of situations that demonstrated tear- and abrasion-resistance far exceeding cowhide’s durability.

Minimalist Construction

Just five pieces of leather are used to build each Sumo. They’re strategically sewn together to produce only four seams along the edges, leaving palms stitch-free for optimal feel. This minimalism limits failure points and makes the best use of the material’s natural elasticity. For extra security, the palms are then reinforced with an independent, second layer of deerskin.

Inside the glove, each seam is meticulously trimmed of excess leather, heated and ironed smooth. For maximum seam strength and further elasticity, the top and bottom halves are mated with a dual-duty design that places two strong, nylon threads in every optimally spaced stich hole.

Designed to Perform

The Sumos are purpose-built motorcycle gloves with unique design elements that create more than a classic look and soft feel. These elements produce uncompromised structural integrity, unrestricted flexibility and a near-bare-handed transparency that allows them to virtually disappear from handlebars on the street, track and during long-distance adventures in the harshest conditions.

Rated R: A Racier Sumo

Lee Parks Design’s longer, sportier glove was also upgraded to Sumo status, then given an R designation. The Sumo gloves’ name came from the company’s namesake extensively testing and racing with them on demanding supermoto tracks.

The resulting Sumo R is based on the popular DeerSports® line, all-around street gloves suitable for sport riding, track days and racing. This racier Sumo also features articulated external armor, touchscreen-ready fingertips and a thicker, rolled hem at top. Sporting upgrades include a foundation built from 4-ounce elk hide that is even stronger than deerskin, extended gauntlets and a more tactile, outseam design that simplifies repairs. The R has a wider temperature range, giving the top-of-the-line Sumo additional multi-season use.

Sold nationwide through specialty shops, large retailers and the company’s website, Sumo™ and Sumo R™, gloves come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. For more information and online ordering, visit Lee Parks Design or call 844-317-9244.

Defining Features

Lee Parks Design Sumo™ Deerskin Gloves

  • Timeless American design, legendary durability and world-class performance
  • Purpose-built motorcycle gloves
  • Handcrafted from 2.75-ounce deerskin, which has greater tear- and abrasion-resistance than cowhide
  • Flexible, impact-absorbing armor protecting fingers, knuckles and wrist bones
  • Specially tanned thumb and index finger tips enable accurate touchscreen gestures
  • Built on Lee Parks Design’s iconic DeerTours platform
  • Uncompromised structural integrity, unrestricted flexibility
  • American leather tanned to produce maximum strength and softness
  • Top and bottom joined by just four seams limit failure points
  • Seamless palms reinforced with an independent, second layer of deerskin
  • Dual-duty stitching places two strong, nylon threads in every hole
  • Internal seams trimmed of excess leather, heated and ironed smooth
  • Near-bare-handed transparency; gloves virtually disappear from handlebars
  • Wide, long cuffs easily fit over bulky jacket sleeves
  • Thick, rolled hems to grab onto assist in donning the gloves
  • Adjustable wrist closure secured with Velcro® hook-and-look fasteners
  • Five hand-hugging sizes to cover men and women
  • Personalized fit: Gloves stretch or shrink over time to match each rider’s hands
  • Hand washable: Remove dirt, oils and stains for longer life
  • Gloves develop a unique, timeworn patina that reflects their storied lives
  • Guarantee: 30-day, money-back quality guarantee
  • Warranty: Materials and seams backed by one-year warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Color: Black or Tan
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Retail Price: $179.95

Defining Features

Lee Parks Design Sumo R™ Elkskin Gloves

All of the above, plus:

  • Built from heavier, yet super-soft, 4-ounce elkskin leather
  • More tactile, outseam design that simplifies repairs
  • Adjustable wrist and cuff closures secured with Velcro® hook-and-look fasteners
  • Longer gauntlets than standard Sumo glove
  • Color: Black & Tan (two-tone)
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Retail Price: $224.95
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