Yamaha Electric Bicycles on the Way

John Burns
by John Burns

Apparently, and who knew, Yamaha has been building electric bicycles for 25 years, and invented the term PAS: Pedal Assist System. The YPJ-01 in the lead photo has been around for a few years, but not readily available outside of Japan. At heart, it’s a very nice 22-speed road bike, but with a motor that adds a little or a lot of power depending on the rider’s chosen settings.

Sounds like the motor in the YPJ-01 is the same one that powers the electric PW.

It’s a perfect kind of a bicycle for the aging Boomer, then, who wants to stay in shape by pedaling but sometimes runs out of steam on the final leg home.

We’re not sure how many and what kind of electric bicycles are coming, but it sounds like we’re about to find out this weekend at the big Interbike show at Las Vegas, according to this Blue Monkey Bicycles Youtube video.

John Burns
John Burns

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