Royal Riding Launches RodeMaster Seat Line at Sturgis

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royal riding launches rodemaster seat line at sturgis

“Our new gel seats promise isolation so complete that you won’t even feel it when the con rod lets go!” We’ll give you that one for free, Royal Riding.

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What The Gel? Royal Riding Launches RodeMaster™ Seat Line
Full Range of Seats Set For Sturgis Launch

Santa Ana, CA — Royal Riding, pioneer of gel seat pads, announces the launch of its motorcycle seat line with gel technology integration at the Sturgis Rally, August 4-13, 2017.

“We are the gel seat experts,” states Royal Riding President Rod Derifield. “So it makes sense that we take it to the next level with our RodeMaster™ Seat Line. The fusion of our ergonomic designs and gel technology means that riders can enjoy the comfort and protection of our expertise in one product, without increasing the seat height.” Coinciding with the long haul to Sturgis, the RodeMaster™ line launches with three distinctive options for the long-distance rider. The ‘Tour™, ConTour™ and DeTour™ models are tailored to individual rider needs:

RodeMaster™ Tour™ is designed specifically for the touring rider. It features an integrated rider and passenger gel to allow maximum comfort. It is among the widest seats available on the market for the true touring enthusiast, and comes with an optional backrest.

RodeMaster™ ConTour™ offers the comfort of the Tour™ seat, but does it with a sleeker style and lower profile. It also comes with an optional backrest.

RodeMaster™ DeTour™ is for the rider who prefers to cruise solo but sometimes meets a companion along the way. There is no gel insert in the pillion, but it does come with an optional backrest.

Designed by seat expert Lars Roulund, comfort is the line’s common denominator. “Just like our LoPro™ Seat Pad line, we incorporated a perineal groove in the center, carved out a deeper tailbone relief area and built in room for the boys up front,” Lars explains. “All of our products focus on one key area – Eliminate the pain! By enhancing comfort, everyone that uses our products can Ride Farther and Ride Longer.”

The RodeMaster™ Line uses only premium components: durable leather covers, top-grade fiberglass baseplates and powdercoated hardware. But it is what is inside that widens that gap between a Royal Riding Seat and all others. “Royal Riding’s next-generation viscoelastic gel inserts soak up vibration and shock without bottoming out,” according to Derifield, “while Royal Riding’s exclusive contour-cushioning foam is formulated to promote longevity and comfort.”

Come by the Royal Riding display at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum at 999 Main Street during the Rally to see the world premiere. Or learn more about the RodeMaster™ range here:

About Royal Riding — Ride In Comfort… For Longer! Whether you are riding a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, quad, horse or just sitting outside for long periods of time, our mission is to provide comfortable, quality Gel Seat Pads so you can Ride Longer — Ride Like Royalty. With five standard sizes of motorcycle gel seat pads and three different cover options to meet your specific needs, Royal Riding has got you cushioned!

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