The First Superleggera Delivered, 499 To Go

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The Company’s Flagship Superbike was Presented at a Gala Event Hosted at
Advanced Motorsports (AMS) Ducati Dallas

Cupertino, CA (June 16, 2017) – Last night, the first North American example of the 1299 Superleggera, the fastest and most exclusive Ducati superbike, which is limited to only 500 units, was presented by Ducati North America CEO Jason Chinnock at a gala event in Dallas, hosted by Advanced Motorsports (AMS) Ducati Dallas. The 1299 Superleggerra is the most technologically advanced motorcycle in the company’s long history of performance motorcycle development and the first production motorcycle to have a full carbon fiber chassis. This special motorcycle was purchased by local Ducatisti, Michael Nadeau, of Dallas, Texas.

Key members of the Texas business community, along with local VIPs and motorcycle enthusiasts gathered for an intimate reception to witness the first North American customer-delivery of the 1299 Superleggera. Ducati North America also streamed the unveiling on Facebook Live with thousands of viewers.

“Everyone wants to go faster and brake deeper, but you also want the technology to provide you confidence and safety, regardless of the track style or conditions,” said Nadeau. “I exclusively ride Ducatis because they produce motorcycles that allow me to push myself to extremes that I’ve never experienced. You never lose confidence in a Ducati. Having spent countless track hours on the previous Superleggera, I can’t wait to experience the new 1299 Superleggera.”

Nadeau is an entrepreneur in Dallas, who founded the successful health management company, Viverae. He owns six Ducati superbikes and frequents the 1.7-mile track at MotorSport Ranch in Cresson, Texas, as well as the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas – home of the only MotoGP championship race in the Unites States.

The Ducati 1299 Superleggera has 215 horsepower and is not only the fastest factory twin-cylinder bike in the world, but also the first production, street-legal motorcycle with a full carbon fiber structure. It is the new benchmark for Superbike technology, with a power-to-weight ratio exceeding that of an F1 racecar. To keep this incredible performance under control, Ducati has also included a full electronics package including Traction Control and a newly-calibrated Bosch Cornering ABS system to ensure powerful braking for complete safety.

With the purchase of the motorcycle, clients also receive a track kit which includes a complete Akrapovič titanium racing exhaust, racing screen, plate holder removal kit, kickstand removal kit, machined-from-solid mirror replacement plugs, front and rear paddock stands and a bike cover, perfect for transitioning from an invigorating street-ride to an exhilarating track-day.

The event at AMS Ducati Dallas was overseen by dealership owner and operator Jeff Nash, a six-time National Road Racing Champion with a high-speed pedigree, whose incredible business team has carried the torch for Ducati since 1995 when Jeff started his road racing career. As an exclusive dealership, AMS Ducati Dallas’ flagship location on Riverfront Boulevard in the Design District area of the city provides a perfect lauching point for veteran brand aficionados as well as a great entryway for those wishing to join the Ducati family. Deliveries of the other North American examples of the 1299 Superleggera will continue throughout 2017.

Press Release
Press Release

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