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We are excited that the NUVIZ head-up display is now available for sale. Read our full review of the device here:

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NUVIZ fully-integrated Head-Up Display available for purchase

San Diego CA – June 15, 2017: NUVIZ, Inc. announces the commercial availability of NUVIZ, the first fully-integrated Head-Up Display designed specifically for the needs of motorcycle riders. The fully-integrated Head-Up Display (HUD) is designed to be added onto a motorcyclist’s full-face helmet and displays customizable information near the rider’s natural line of sight. NUVIZ seamlessly brings together all of the important functions of motorcyclist’s navigation, communication and media players into a single device, allowing riders to stay connected, but not distracted. NUVIZ includes a built-in HD action camera and a wireless handlebar controller that ensures intuitive control of all functions.

Once mounted to the helmet and aligned to the user’s eye, the advanced NUVIZ optics create a virtual image that “floats” just in the periphery of the eyesight, reducing eye movements and the need to re-focus inside the motorcycle’s cockpit. This integrated all-in-one system removes the cockpit clutter of multiple devices, and allows a rider to move from motorcycle to motorcycle with a single helmet-mounted solution. Adventure motorcycle riders, who often stand while riding, will enjoy consistent access to all their important information without having to look down into the cockpit. Powered by NUVIZ, riders can take charge of their riding experience and interact seamlessly with all of these different technologies in one easy-to-use device.

“Years ago we were sure we had a good idea and the right technical expertise to bring this product to market,” says Co-Founder Malte Laass. “As enthusiasts, we wanted to develop a solution that not only enhances and simplifies the riding experience, but lays a foundation for the forthcoming technology revolution that will affect riders.”

NUVIZ pairs with a dedicated smartphone app available via the App Store and Google Play, allowing riders to plan routes and save favorite rides, instantly access photos captured with NUVIZ, or view riding stats tracked with NUVIZ’s comprehensive set of sensors. The NUVIZ app will also allow users to share their rides, discover new routes, record ride data, and edit and upload photos instantly via social media. The NUVIZ app allows for easy updates and the addition of new features as they are added, further improving the rider experience.

Through a combination of features on the app and the handlebar controller, the rider can access critical information such as current and posted speeds with adjustable speed warnings, plus access to a current position map, as well as a 3-D view of a saved ride route. Users can wirelessly zoom in and out of the maps per their needs. The GPS Function is built into the device, so once a ride route is selected, the smartphone is no longer necessary for navigation. NUVIZ includes a headset with microphone that allows for narration on the video and for phone calls or to listen to music. NUVIZ riders can enjoy their favorite Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music or Google Play riding playlists. NUVIZ is also compatible with most major brand Bluetooth enabled headsets for rider-to-rider communications.

The built-in HD action camera allows riders to capture photos at the touch of a button and to make quick and effortless video recordings with multiple video resolutions available. Still images are automatically transmitted to the user’s phone as they are shot, and videos are saved directly to a micro SD card (not included) in the device. The camera is built on a ball joint to allow for adjustments to the horizon. The HUD allows for a “live view” to align the camera after being attached to the helmet mount. The device includes an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness, and a large battery that will endure a long riding day depending on user settings. The NUVIZ will be available for retail sales in the US for $699.00.

“We know that there are many types of riders on many kinds of machines,” says Valtteri Eroma, Chief Design Officer of NUVIZ. “NUVIZ is designed for riders who want to dial up or down the information they have access to – all while keeping their eyes ahead. Situational awareness is critical, and riders who appreciate this technology learn that it can enhance the ride without distracting from it. We expect that many touring riders, sportbike and adventure riders will appreciate the benefits of a head-up display added to their favorite full-face helmet.”

An included wireless handlebar-mounted controller directs the unit and features a design that makes for definitive button feel and activation even with gloves on. The controller can be mounted in a variety of ways per the user’s preference or the type of motorcycle. The controller comes with a base-plate system allowing for easy transfer between motorcycles, and an included protective carry bag keeps key components together when removed from the motorcycle and helmet.

The NUVIZ device is compatible with most existing traditional full-face helmets, allowing riders to choose which helmet brand best serves their style, needs and fit. The device attaches to a low-profile baseplate and adjusts to the user’s right eye in a manner that still allows for small tweaks after installation for the ultimate view. The baseplate is designed to allow the device to detach in the case of an accident or fall. NUVIZ will focus on their unique technology without the redundant development of designing market-specific helmets. The HUD combiner optic is fully replaceable in case of damage. Additional accessory mounting kits allow for one NUVIZ device to transfer to different helmets and controllers to different motorcycles.

As the future of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2V & V2I) communications is developed by governments and the global automotive and powersports industry, NUVIZ expects continuing development and future integration opportunities that will benefit all riders. Future connectivity into the motorcycle electronics and advanced safety sensors that will soon become standard also represents a key area of NUVIZ R&D efforts.

NUVIZ is the first integrated HUD technology available to the riding public. The roll-out in the US and Europe will be direct to customer via the company’s online store ( followed by select online and brick and mortar motorcycle retailers. Sales in the other key regions such as Australia or Japan will start later this year.


NUVIZ, Inc. is a privately-owned technology company based in San Diego, California and Salo, Finland. NUVIZ is backed by a strategic investment from Pierer Industrie AG, the parent company behind KTM Industries, Husqvarna Motorcycles, WP Suspension and Pankl Racing Systems. Founded upon the desire to empower riders with technology that improves their riding experience, the core leadership team of visionaries has formed an industry-leading team within the digital and mobile space. Combining their passion for motorcycling and powersports, with decades of technological prowess, NUVIZ is revolutionizing the riding experience. NUVIZ’s first product is an integrated Head-Up Display (HUD), designed specifically for the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts, and is the first product of this nature, to go to market. To learn more about NUVIZ and their products, please visit

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