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Trail access issues affect all powersports enthusiasts.

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Riders Unite – Putting OHV First

Foothill Ranch, CA (January 29, 2017) – Off Highway Vehicle recreation has a new, powerful voice. In an impressive partnership between businesses, advocacy groups and riders, Riders Unite has come to the front lines in promoting OHV interests across the board.

From direct engagement with Federal Agencies in Washington D.C. to on-the-ground efforts with land managers and Public Land stakeholders, Riders Unite is dedicated to dramatically change the manner in which government entities see OHV interests.

OHV use deserves a solid platform in the management of Public Lands. And all recreation has legal footing to be on equal ground with the currently dominating environmental and preservationist interests.

“The current political environment is almost undoubtedly the most favorable in over a generation for recreationists (across the spectrum) to make their case for access to Public Lands,” Martin Hackworth, , said. “Although our arguments (based on demonstrable economic benefits and issues of fairness) are very strong we’ve been largely ignored for decades. The opportunity to change the narrative is now. The message ‘It’s our Public Land,too’ will resonate in the right places. But we must act quickly and decisively.”
Riders Unite is focused on taking the fight to Washington D.C. You can help by joining today.

Learn more about the efforts at https://sharetrails.org/ridersunite/

About Riders Unite
Riders Unite is an idea born of a partnership between business, advocacy groups and riders all united for a common goal: To dramatically change the manner in which the Federal Government (and other land use agencies) see OHV interests as part of the land use spectrum. Riders Unite aims to change the conversation about the management of Public Lands from one dominated by environmental and preservationist interests to one in which recreation actually has the standing to which it has been legally entitled for several decades. Learn more at https://sharetrails.org/ridersunite/

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