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For those who like to wear their love of motorcycles on their slee…feet, we present to you MotoChic Gear Performance Socks!

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MotoChic Gear® Debuts Performance Socks

Combining Style and Support for Active Lifestyles

April 26, 2017 — (San Francisco, CA) Debra Chin, founder and award-winning designer of MotoChic Gear® accessories and apparel for active women, has introduced Performance Socks with compression.

Traditionally used as a remedy for seniors with circulation problems, therapeutic compression socks have grown in popularity among travelers and sports enthusiasts driven by medical findings that show compression helps increase blood flow, speed muscle recovery, and decrease muscle soreness.

Chin remarked, “Women and men today are choosing attractive sock styles as a form of self-expression. While compressions socks offered by medical suppliers are functional they are rarely, if ever, fashion forward. Designing a sock that offers the consumer style and support was a true challenge.”

MotoChic Gear® Performance Socks are made from a high quality polyamide fabric that offers comfort and flexibility while reducing odor. The socks, which feature a unique motorcycle design that has become synonymous with the MotoChic® brand, are woven with a 200 needle count and provide 25 mmHg (high grade) compression. This grade of compression is ideal for improving blood flow and minimizing muscle fatigue and achiness for healthy, energized legs after extended periods of sitting, standing, or athletic activity.

Customer feedback so far has been outstanding. “I received my compression socks the other day and today was the first day I was able to give them the ‘acid test,'” says Wyman W., “I must say they are VERY comfortable and quite soothing. I have had them on since 5 a.m. this morning and will not take them off until about 5 tonight. My legs feel great! GREAT work on an outstanding product.”

MotoChic® Performance Socks are for athletes, travelers, hikers, bikers, runners and fitness buffs, as well as, individuals with sedentary or standing occupations or special medical needs. Available sizes are Women’s 9-11 and Men’s 10-13. Prices range from $18 for one pair, $35 for two, and $45 for three. MotoChic® Performance Socks will be in stock in early May, but are available for pre-sale now at for early bird shoppers.

About MotoChic Gear®

MotoChic® answers the need for high quality, design-conscious clothing and accessories for women with fast-paced lifestyles. World travelers, sports lovers, fitness fans, commuters, moms, students and fashionistas will find what they need in MotoChic®.

Wherever your next great life adventure takes you, MotoChic® will be there.

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