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Well that didn’t take long. It only took a little over a week after we published a Top 10 list of motorcycle endurance records before one of those records got broken.

Top 10 Motorcycle Endurance Records

In this case, noted long-distance rider Carl Reese set a Guinness World Record for the greatest distance traveled on a race track in a 24-hour period, traveling 2,119 miles at the Continental Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas. This breaks the previous record of 2023.5 miles previously set by Matthew McKelvey in 2014.

Reese accomplished his feat on a BMW K1600GT in 22 hours and 52 minutes (Reese could have added to his total but he ran out of tires).

Begin Press Release:

On February 25th at 4:27 AM CST Carl Reese set out to break the Guinness Book of World Record for “Greatest Distance in 24 hours on a Motorcycle (individual) on a track. This record attempt was done at the Continental Tire Proving Grounds in Uvalde,Texas. Reese partnered with Continental Tire to use the 8.5 mile closed track to set his latest world record. Reese announced his latest record attempt on his Facebook and Twitter accounts back in Dec with a teaser video.

Reese totaled 2119 miles in less than a 24 hour period. Breaking the existing Guinness record of 2023.5 miles held by Matthew McKelvey in 2014.

Top speeds reached 141mph. Reese had carried an averaged speed of 92 mph including all stops during the 22 hours and 52 minutes on the track. The official average speed for the entire 24 hours will be recorded as 88.3 mph.

At 3:49 A.M CST on February 26th Reese was stopped by his safety team and master mechanic Jay Carson of West Valley Cycle Sales. Carlson had inspected Reese’s tires and said “You’re Done”! With 1 hour and 18 minutes of time remaining on the clock Reese was stopped from continuing as the team had exhausted all available tires.

In the last two years Reese has set nine world records in several categories. In vehicles ranging from a Tesla Model S electric car to a gas operated motorcycles. Reese is best known for setting the fastest motorcycle time between Los Angeles to New York in 38 hours and 49 minutes on a motorcycle back in 2015.

Reese affectionally calls his motor bike “The Spirit of Cannonball Baker” after the famous Erwin “Cannonball” Baker. That set 143 records in his life time . Baker was a endurance legend that started the famed “cannonball run” from Los Angeles to New York City on a motorcycle back in 1922!

Reese is looking to recoup some expenses, half jokingly said ” I would sell the BMW K1600GT (a two time record setting bike) if the right motorcycle collector made him a fair offer”. With a few conditions, that the bike would be displayed so the public could enjoy the motorcycle. When pressed further Reese suggested examples ”The Peterson’s Auto Museum, Barber Motorcycle Museum, AMA Motorcycle Museum or Jay Leno’s Garage would be likely candidates”. However,Jay Leno’s Garage is not open to the public, Reese noted that Jay Leno, which Reese has met on a few occasions, said “ I know Jay would take good care of it”.

A significant portion of the ride occurred in the dark. The track facility lacks nighttime lighting, so Carl partnered with Glenn Stasky of Clearwater Lights in Rancho Cordova, CA to improve his visibility and illuminate the track ahead of him. Glenn and his team equipped Carl’s motorcycle with two pairs of their very bright Sevina LED lights.

The two of the lights were mounted on Altrider engine guards. Giving both protection to the engine and a sturdy mounting surface for the ClearWater Lights.

The choice to use Clearwater Lights was not a difficult one; each light produces a whopping 7,500 lumens, providing a total of 30,000 lumens beyond what the stock headlight provides. A custom-designed optic and advanced electronic circuitry projects the light a significant distance down the road. This allowed Carl to identify hazards on the track in enough time to avoid them. The owner of Clearwater Lights Glenn Stasky is a seasoned racer himself. Stasky helped Reese with maximizing his fuel economy and getting the distance out of Reese’s limited tire supply. Stasky also organized the teams world record pit crew.

Reese wore a prototype suit from FirstGear-USA. With overnight lows of 39F degrees and daytime temps of 77F. The wind gust were between 18mph during the ride. Reese’s secondary mission was to prove the comfort of the suit in varying weather conditions. The FirstGear-USA suit is in development for a future release.

The bike weight was trimmed by putting on BST Carbon Fiber rims from Brock’s Performance. These ultra light rims trimmed 40% weight off the stock rims. Thus offering better mpg, shorter stopping time and faster acceleration. The weight was further reduced with the installation of a EarthX Lithium battery. Shaving off several pounds of weight from the motorcycle.

Two recording devices were installed on the bike to verify the event. GPS Insight installed a Fleet Tracking device on the motorcycle to verify the bikes position every 30 seconds and was posted to for fans to follow. Continental Tire provided a VBox to record details and video tape the entire event for Guinness.

The team outfitted the bike with a Ztechnik windshield from the U.S manufacture Nation Cycle.
The extend range fuel tank was manufactured by Mike Langford of CA. The specialty tank held 8 additional gallons that reduced the amount of fuel stops required.

Reese used Continental Road Attack 2 EVO GT tires on his bike to break the existing record. Road Attach 2 EVO GT were crowned the winner by motorrad magazine in the “highway/day-to-day” category in June of 2016. With the most points, thereby securing the “best buy highway” title. These tires also have a revolutionary new micro tread surface, which virtually puts an end to tire break-in. Eliminating the need for mold-release agents or break-in; giving Reese an added advantage.

Witnesses that observed the starting odometer of 24649 and the finish reading of 26768 were the following: Deena Mastracci, Glenn Stasky, Ryan Sorensen, Jay Carson, Darlene Stasky, Dan Clark, William Rugemick, Hank Arriazola, and Steven Brown. These volunteers worked through the event helping everything including pitstops.

Reese’s Fiancee Deena Mastracci prepared the high energy, low sugar foods required for Reese’s attempt.

Press Release
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