MV Agusta Launches Limited-Edition 2017 Dragster 800 RC

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Press Release from MV Agusta: Built on the basis of Dragster RR, the MV Agusta Dragster 800 RC is a new entry to the stunning RC range. A motorcycle intended for an audience who appreciate beauty combined with performance; for the true enthusiast who wants to taste the spirit of racing and the associated technology that forms an integral part of the sport.

Dragster 800 RC thrives on emotions. It’s inevitable with such a pedigree that a strip of asphalt transforms into a racetrack. The three-cylinder engine is a blend of compact dimensions, light weight, and incredible class leading performance. With 140 hp at 13,100 rpm, it borders on hypersports territory. It snarls with an acute yet raw exhaust note through a beautiful three element silencer developed specifically to achieve record performance for the category. The engine as a result of an extremely rational design weighs a mere 52 kg; it exploits a racing-derived counter-rotating crankshaft to reduce inertia in corner entry, giving the RC Dragster unique driving dynamics far exceeding the expectations of a bike born to achieve straight line performance.

The digital instrumentation is the perfect interface between rider and bike: essential for legibility via a clear LCD panel and dashboard indicators. It also forms the point of interaction for the Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System. Based on the electronic control unit designed specifically and exclusively for MV Agusta, it allows to the rider to exploit the Dragster 800 RC with four riding configurations. One of which offers complete personalization, parameter by parameter including motor response, rev limiter, engine torque management, throttle sensitivity and engine braking. Indispensable for dragstrip performance is the Quickshifter EAS 2.0: permitting rapid gear changes both up and down the gearbox; without time to catch a breath… Traction control is offered on eight levels, or entirely disengaged; allowing you to choose between spinning the rear wheel out of corners or contrastingly with the tranquility of complete electronic intervention.

The pursuit for material lightness and sophistication is evident in the abundance of carbon fiber components, which distinguish the 800 RC Dragster. An example of craftsmanship transported to production in series. The front mudguard, radiator heat deflectors, and the compact front fairing combined with the magnificent RC forged wheels with a lightweight and unquestionably racing design, offer an unsurpassed vision of technical excellence and attention to detail. It is also reflected in the rich red anodized finish on the fully adjustable upside-down fork stanchions. Complete adjustability is also available on the Sachs rear suspension mated to a single-sided swing arm with a fulcrum point between aluminum alloy plates that are united to the tubular steel trellis frame. The braking system composed of 320 mm diameter front discs and Brembo four-piston radial calipers are aligned to the tame the savage power. Produced in just 350 units, the 800 RC Dragster releases its 140 hp through a spectacular 200 section rear tire.

Press Release
Press Release

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