2016 BMW C650GT and C650 Sport Scooters Announced

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
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BMW announced several updates to its C-series maxi-scooters including a revised powertrain, new suspension settings and a complete makeover for the Sport model including a name change from C600 to C650. It always seemed odd to name one model the C650GT and the other the C600 Sport when both use the same 647cc parallel-Twin engine; that nomenclature oddity has now been rectified with the new C650 Sport.

The updated 2016 models also use the same engine as the previous versions, claiming an output of 59 hp at 7500 rpm, but the engine mapping was revised to meet new Euro4 emission standards. The exhaust has also been updated to meet more stringent noise regulations. Both versions use a twin-canister exhaust design but the C650 Sport’s exhaust rises up at a sharper angle towards the tail.

2016 bmw c650gt and c650 sport scooters announced

When Tom Roderick first tested the 2013 models, he noted the CVT produced a brief lag when accelerating from a stop. BMW says it has addressed that issue by with new transmission ratios and revised centrifugal force weights.

The 2016 C650 scooters come with a Bosch 9.1MB ABS while Automatic Stability Control (i.e. traction control), is now offered as standard equipment. The C650GT is also available with a new blind-spot detection system called “Side View Assist”. At speeds between 15 and 50 mph, sensors in the tail and the lower panel of the front fairing scan the surroundings for nearby vehicles. If a vehicle is traveling in a blind spot, a warning signal on the corresponding mirror stalk lights up. If the rider has signaled a lane change, the signals blink if the system senses a vehicle that is too close.

The C650 Sport receives new, more sculpted bodywork. The colored top fairing looks sleeker and the headlights are more integrated into the design. The C650GT receives more subtle styling updates, with new rear trim panels and rear light unit.

2016 bmw c650gt and c650 sport scooters announced

Other updates include new instrument panels, revised center stands and automatic daytime run lights. Both models will be available in Lightwhite non-metallic and Blackstorm metallic paint schemes. The C650GT is also available in a Frozen Bronze metallic color while the C650 Sport is also offered in a Valencia Orange metallic matt.

[Source: BMW]

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