2016 Yamaha YZF-R1S Certified by CARB

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Yamaha is poised to add a new variant of its superbike, as the California Air Resources Board has certified the YZF-R1S for 2016 alongside the returning R1 and R1M. The S model will likely be a lower-spec version and more suitable for street use.

The Japanese manufacturer had previously filed trademarks for R1S and R1M at the same time in January 2014, and we were a little disappointed that the R1S was not announced with the 2015 model update (that being said, the new R1 received a pretty significant update, so perhaps Yamaha was holding the R1S back to give it more impact.) Now that 2016 models are starting to emerge, it appears we will finally see the YZF-R1S.

The CARB executive order lists six R1 models for 2016 (see below). The last two models are listed as YZFR1SGCGY and YZFR1SGCW with the description in brackets “YZF-R1 Basic Cal Model”. This would suggest the R1S would be a lower-spec version, possibly with fewer electronics and a lower price point.

2016 yamaha yzf r1s certified by carb

Yamaha’s CARB certifications tend to use a different nomenclature than most manufacturers, using different letter codes to represent color options as well as trims. The six versions certified all begin with the code “YZFR1” showing their familial relationship. Unlike other OEMs, Yamaha adds a letter to represent the model year. In this case, the letter is G, matching the first letter in the engine code listed in the “EVAP” column (the 2015 executive order used the letter F, 2014 used E, etc…). Yamaha also adds the letter C to indicate a California model and then another letter to indicate color variations.

For 2015, Yamaha certified the YZFR1FCB (black R1), YZFR1FCL (blue R1), YZFR1FCR (red R1) and YZFR1MFC (R1M). Following this pattern, we can surmise the 2016 models in the CARB document represent the R1 in gray, yellow and blue, the R1M in an exclusive color scheme and the R1S in gray and white.

Keep checking with MO for more updates on the new R1S as further information emerges.

[Source: CARB]

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