2015 EBR 1190SX Revealed

Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke
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Erik Buell Racing launches its next salvo to the sportbike market with the 1190SX streetfighter.

The 1190SX borrows heavily from EBR’s 1190RX superbike contender that MO’s Troy Siahaan is scheduled to test today at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Although no specs have been released, the SX appears to use most of the RX’s hardware: 1190cc V-Twin engine; aluminum fuel-carrying frame; massive 386mm single-disc front brake.

2015 ebr 1190sx revealed

The 1190RX has already proven to boast healthier midrange power than a Ducati Panigale, but it’s reasonable to assume the SX is fitted with new cams that boost middle-rpm grunt at the expense of some top-end lunge. The RX’s motor is claimed to produce 185 hp and 102 ft-lb of torque.

2015 ebr 1190sx revealed
Carryovers from the RX include full-color TFT instrumentation, a multi-level traction-control system and an LED headlight. Lightweight materials, including a magnesium subframe, keep the RX’s weight down to just 419 pounds ready to ride but without fuel. The fairing-less SX should be a few pounds lighter.

The SX will be a more comfortable street ride than its RX brother. A tubular handlebar reduces reach for a rider compared to the RX’s clip-on bars, and the seat appears to be generously padded.

Full details of the 1190SX, including its price, will be revealed by July 4. We’ll guess its MSRP will be about $1,000 cheaper than the RX’s $18,995.

Kevin Duke
Kevin Duke

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