Getting Dirty With The 2014 Zero FX

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

I’ve done plenty of miles aboard the Zero FX. I first rode one when I competed at Pikes Peak last year, then rode one again a few months later during a 24-hour endurance race. All this time, however, I’ve never ridden one straight as it comes off the showroom floor. Nor have I ridden one in the dirt. This all changed yesterday.

With the arrival of new 2014 Zeros, motorcycling legend, and VP of Global Marketing for Zero Motorcycles, Scot Harden, invited E-i-C Kevin Duke and myself to his home. The agenda? Ride Zero FXs around his backyard track to get a taste of what the FX is all about in the dirt. It was an invite we couldn’t pass up.

I’ve written about the impressive performance of the FX before, and for a dirt rookie like myself (seriously, I stink in the dirt), the FX proved a great learning platform. But more about the bike in a later, more detailed story. For now, know that the Zero FX is a competent off-road platform. More importantly, know we’ve got cool content coming from our day in the dirt with Harden. The AMA Hall of Famer wowed us with his skills on the Zero, and we’ve captured it on video for you to enjoy very soon. Stay tuned.

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