2014 Beta EVO Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Trials Bikes Announced

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Beta announced U.S. pricing and availability for the Italian manufacturers’ 2014 EVO trials bikes. The 2014 Beta EVO lineup consists of five two-stroke models in 125, 200, 250 and 300 engine displacements and a choice of 250 or 300 engines for its four-stroke models.

According to importer American Beta, the EVO lineup received more than 30 changes for 2014, yet all trials models will remain at their 2013 prices.

2014 Beta EVO 125, 200, 250, 300 and 300 Super Smooth Two-Strokes

The two-stroke models receive new triple clamps said to be sleeker, lighter and have less friction than the previous triple clamp. Whereas the 2013 models had two pinch bolts at the top of the fork tubes and three at the bottom, the 2014 triple clamp has just a single bolt at the top and two at the bottom. The forks use new low-friction SKF seals and revised valving to provide better feedback to the rider.

The rear shocks are longer than last year’s shocks, with a new piston and valving inspired by Beta’s factory Trial Team to match revised fork settings. The shock linkage is protected by a new, lighter skid plate, reducing damage and bearing wear.

The footpegs, important for the stand-up trials riding position, are all-new, lighter and more resistant to getting mud stuck in them than previous pegs.

The EVO 300 gets a new engine with a new crankshaft with lighter, yet larger diameter flywheels to reduce vibration and reduce lateral flywheel inertia. The connecting rod, engine center cases and gasket have also been revised to suit the new crankshaft. The transmission has also been revised with near primary gear ratios while the clutch lever promises a lighter pull at the lever.

All other two-stroke EVO engines remain the same as the 2013 models, though the exhaust systems have been revised with shorter exhaust headers and a new muffler mounting system developed from Beta’s factory race team.

2014 Beta EVO 250 and 450 Four-Strokes

The four-stroke EVOs get the hydro-formed aluminum frames introduced in the two-stroke models last year. According to Beta, the new frame provides less flex while allowing room for a larger fuel tank.

The forks and footpegs received the same updates as the two-stroke models, while the rear fender is new, using a design introduced on the 2013 two-stroke models with an incorporated quick-access air filter cover.

Other updates to the four-stroke models include a new tank cover with improved cable guiding, and relocated electrical components and fuel valve.

The two-stroke 2014 Beta EVO models will arrive at American dealerships in October, with four-stroke models following in November.

2014 Beta EVO U.S. pricing:

  • Evo 125 – $7099.00
  • Evo 200 – $7199.00
  • Evo 250 – $7699.00
  • Evo 300 – $7899.00
  • Evo 300 SS (Super Smooth) – $8199.00
  • Evo 250 4 Stroke – $7999.00
  • 2014 Beta Evo 300 4 Stroke – $7999.00
Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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