Motorcycle Results From The 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

The 91st running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is in the books, and while much of the media attention focused on Sebastien Loeb demolishing the outright course record, setting the first eight-minute lap with a 8:13.878 — over 90 seconds faster than the previous lap record —in his Peugeot 208 T16, history was made in the motorcycle divisions as well.

Below are the times for all the motorcycle competitors in this year’s event. As expected, Carlin Dunne aboard the Lightning electric superbike, took top honors among all motorcycle competitors, marking the first time an electric motorcycle has done so. However, Dunne’s time of 10:00.07, wasn’t enough to break his motorcycle lap record of 9:52.819 set last year on a Ducati Multistrada. He sighted grip issues as the cause for the slower run.

In the Pikes Peak 1205 division, Bruno Langlois, aboard a Ducati Multistrada, set a 10:21.3 to win the class and take second overall to Dunne. AMA regular, and first time Pikes Peak competitor, Jake Holden, took third overall on a custom Kawasaki ZRX1200 — the ZRX1224RR — built by James Compton, owner of SBK Factory, who also raced an identical ZRX and finished sixth overall.

Fellow Pikes Peak rookie, and American Honda test rider, Jeff Tigert, won the Pikes Peak 450 division aboard a 2013 Honda CRF450 and established a new class record of 10:32.964, while Codie Vasholtz set a Pikes Peak 250 record with a time of 11:24.792 on his 1996 Kawasaki KX 250.

In case you haven’t read our previous updates, also competed at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, with yours truly behind the controls of a 2013 Zero FX in the all-new Exhibition Powersports-Z class, the first motorcycle division dedicated solely to Zero motorcycles. I finished third in class, with a 12:24.1 despite breaking my foot during Friday practice and not being able to walk. Jeff Clark won the division, putting the hammer down to record a 12:01.0.

Stay tuned for my full report on the historic 91st running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the weeks to come.

Pos.NameClassLap TimeSector 1Sector 2Sector 3Sector 4
1Carlin DunneExhibition Powersports10:00.701:51.702:28.002:49.502:51.5
1Bruno LangloisPikes Peak 120510:21.301:52.102:32.202:58.502:58.5
2Jake HoldenExhibition Powersports10:24.101:54.502:31.002:54.503:04.1
1Michael HenaoPikes Peak Superbike 75010:31.501:55.402:32.803:02.703:00.7
1Jeffrey TigertPikes Peak 45010:33.001:54.602:31.203:02.603:04.5
3James ComptonExhibition Powersports10:33.801:57.502:32.103:00.803:03.4
2Davey DurellePikes Peak 45010:38.701:55.802:34.203:05.103:03.7
4Glenn ConserExhibition Powersports10:44.701:59.002:35.703:00.703:09.4
5Tomasz GombosExhibition Powersports10:48.502:04.002:37.503:01.803:05.3
3Dan BerendesPikes Peak 45010:56.701:57.802:37.803:08.403:12.7
1Jeff GraceHeavyweight Supermoto10:57.901:58.102:39.003:09.303:11.6
2Joseph B. TonerHeavyweight Supermoto11:04.301:58.402:38.703:12.703:14.5
3Eric PiscioneHeavyweight Supermoto11:05.302:03.002:40.903:09.103:12.4
1Michael CoburnQuad Modified11:05.902:01.502:38.303:10.803:15.3
4Travis NewboldPikes Peak 45011:08.802:01.202:41.903:12.503:13.2
2James McKayPikes Peak Superbike 75011:09.502:04.502:42.403:09.803:12.8
2Mike EllQuad Modified11:10.001:57.902:40.503:15.803:15.8
4Joseph Connor TonerHeavyweight Supermoto11:15.902:04.102:41.603:13.503:16.8
5Greg ChicoinePikes Peak 45011:16.702:03.902:42.103:14.503:16.2
6Cal NeskeExhibition Powersports11:19.202:06.802:44.303:11.103:17.1
6Jeff DelioPikes Peak 45011:20.802:04.602:44.403:14.903:16.9
1Codie VahsholtzPikes Peak 25011:24.802:03.802:44.103:17.403:19.4
1Wade BoydSide car11:27.002:06.502:46.603:16.503:17.4
7Mark NiemiPikes Peak 45011:29.402:04.002:47.103:18.103:20.3
8Nicholas GlyshawPikes Peak 45011:30.902:03.302:45.703:19.103:22.7
9Darryl LujanPikes Peak 45011:35.702:05.402:48.503:20.303:21.5
10Teague SawyerPikes Peak 45011:38.402:05.602:48.203:22.203:22.4
3Theo BernhardQuad Modified11:38.802:09.002:45.503:19.103:25.2
5Marco BelliHeavyweight Supermoto11:39.502:09.102:47.903:18.103:24.5
2Wes OrloffPikes Peak 120511:40.002:06.203:05.203:13.203:15.4
2Masahito WatanabeSide car11:41.802:09.602:48.803:22.303:21.1
3Erik DunsheePikes Peak Superbike 75011:41.902:08.502:52.403:19.403:21.7
11Cal CollinsPikes Peak 45011:42.202:01.002:34.803:49.503:16.9
4James RobinsonPikes Peak Open11:45.502:01.302:43.403:35.103:25.7
3Bobby GoodinPikes Peak 120511:46.702:11.602:53.603:20.903:20.7
6David JohansenHeavyweight Supermoto11:50.302:07.902:50.603:24.703:27.0
4Ryan WarrenPikes Peak Superbike 75011:50.702:14.602:50.703:20.503:24.9
2Jason ArchuletaPikes Peak 25011:52.702:09.602:50.203:24.103:28.8
7Lloyd MeadorExhibition Powersports11:59.202:13.702:58.903:20.903:25.7
7Michelle DisalvoHeavyweight Supermoto12:00.302:10.702:49.603:24.703:35.2
1Jeff ClarkExhibition Powersports- Z12:01.002:08.302:51.003:19.503:42.2
3Matt MeinertPikes Peak 25012:02.002:10.202:55.603:28.803:27.4
8Ryan SweeneyHeavyweight Supermoto12:04.002:12.902:54.203:24.303:32.6
2Jeremiah JohnsonExhibition Powersports- Z12:05.602:11.602:54.803:24.303:34.9
5Dan EldersPikes Peak Superbike 75012:12.802:15.403:03.703:27.303:26.2
12Jim ColePikes Peak 45012:14.302:15.602:56.703:30.303:31.6
3Christophe LebertSide car12:15.302:10.502:56.603:33.903:34.3
4Troy SmithQuad Modified12:18.602:09.802:55.003:36.303:37.4
4Bruno MarlinSide car12:22.302:14.902:58.403:36.003:33.0
3Troy SiahaanExhibition Powersports- Z12:24.102:17.603:03.103:28.403:34.9
13Doug ChestnuttPikes Peak 45012:25.002:11.103:00.503:35.103:38.2
4Micky DymondPikes Peak 120512:30.201:52.904:16.603:06.803:13.9
14Tom SpechtPikes Peak 45012:36.402:15.403:02.203:36.403:42.4
1Dave StockVintage Motorcycle12:43.002:17.203:05.403:39.403:40.9
4Nick RobinsonPikes Peak 25012:45.902:15.403:00.003:41.703:48.8
9Vivaldi PierpaoloHeavyweight Supermoto12:47.002:16.203:03.003:39.503:48.3
2Bobby SpannVintage Motorcycle12:53.102:16.103:07.803:43.403:45.9
4Ted RichardExhibition Powersports- Z12:53.602:21.303:03.203:40.803:48.2
5Keith SteidlQuad Modified12:55.802:18.503:03.303:41.403:52.6
3Lloyd HaleVintage Motorcycle13:00.702:20.803:09.003:42.803:48.0
4Keith SpeirVintage Motorcycle13:03.002:20.603:06.003:46.003:50.3
6Jeremy HarbisonQuad Modified13:08.302:21.303:06.303:48.503:52.2
5Zachary JacobsPikes Peak 25013:08.702:19.103:06.403:50.903:52.4
6Dusty LabarrPikes Peak Superbike 75013:11.702:26.503:09.803:44.303:51.1
5Nathan BarkerExhibition Powersports- Z13:14.302:30.103:12.103:40.803:51.3
6Brandon MillerExhibition Powersports- Z13:16.502:31.203:12.103:41.403:51.7
6Jimi HeyderPikes Peak 25013:24.102:20.103:06.004:10.003:47.9
8David MeyerExhibition Powersports13:25.102:29.403:13.903:45.903:55.9
9Eddie SmithExhibition Powersports13:25.202:30.903:13.503:45.203:55.5
15George LloydPikes Peak 45013:27.002:26.503:16.003:50.303:54.2
16Mark GordonPikes Peak 45013:32.302:31.103:13.803:51.603:55.8
5Hans SchultzSide car13:48.202:33.103:14.003:55.304:05.7
6John WoodSide car13:58.304:26.102:49.403:21.303:21.5
7Ron ArmsPikes Peak 25014:31.702:44.603:23.404:06.804:16.9
5David RutherfordVintage Motorcycle14:42.402:20.203:13.103:56.405:12.7
17Paul DelioPikes Peak 45015:34.302:05.302:45.606:29.904:13.5
6Christophe MarquisVintage Motorcycle16:34.202:55.903:51.404:49.304:57.5
10Michael LeonExhibition Powersports–.—02:29.003:14.803:47.2
11Alex MorenoExhibition Powersports–.—02:05.6
7Marc LaNoueVintage Motorcycle–.—02:14.803:48.2
7Garret RichardQuad Modified–.—
7Michael ApplehansPikes Peak Superbike 750–.—02:00.6
5Norm MeyerPikes Peak 1205–.—02:18.903:01.703:48.4
6Takahiro ItamiPikes Peak 1205–.—02:00.3
Troy Siahaan
Troy Siahaan

Troy's been riding motorcycles and writing about them since 2006, getting his start at Rider Magazine. From there, he moved to Sport Rider Magazine before finally landing at in 2011. A lifelong gearhead who didn't fully immerse himself in motorcycles until his teenage years, Troy's interests have always been in technology, performance, and going fast. Naturally, racing was the perfect avenue to combine all three. Troy has been racing nearly as long as he's been riding and has competed at the AMA national level. He's also won multiple club races throughout the country, culminating in a Utah Sport Bike Association championship in 2011. He has been invited as a guest instructor for the Yamaha Champions Riding School, and when he's not out riding, he's either wrenching on bikes or watching MotoGP.

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