Kawasaki Reports Q2 2012-2013 Results

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
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kawasaki reports q2 2012 2013 results
kawasaki reports q2 2012 2013 results

Kawasaki reported an operating loss of 2.2 billion yen (US$27.1 million) from its motorcycle and engine business for its second quarter ended Sept. 30, 2012. Despite the loss, the quarter still represented an improvement from the same quarter last year which saw a loss of 2.3 billion yen. (Note: Kawasaki‘s motorcycle and engine business also includes ATVs, UTVs, personal watercraft and general-purpose gasoline engines.)

The motorcycle and engine division reported sales of 242,000 units over the quarter, a year-on-year increase of 4.7% from 231,000 units. Much of those gains were in emerging markets however, and these gains were offset by a decline in sales in Europe. As a result, the quarter proved to be less profitable than last year, with Kawasaki reporting net sales of 88.8 billion yen (US$1.09 billion) compared to 90.4 billion yen the year prior.

Emerging markets accounted for 168,000 units but produced just 39.0 billion yen (US$479.1 million) in net sales over the quarter, both increases from the previous year. European sales however were down 19.2% to 21,000 units from 26,000 units, while net sales were down 28.5% to 14.8 billion yen (US$182.0 million) compared to 20.7 billion yen the year before.The news was not as disheartening for North America where sales increased to 45,000 units from 44,000 units. Net sales however saw a slight year-on-year decline to 28.3 billion yen (US$348.1 million) from 28.8 billion yen.

Kawasaki’s outlook for the rest of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013 is somewhat positive, with Kawasaki expecting to sales of 578,000 units, a 15% increase from the previous fiscal year. This outlook is based on the introduction of new 2013 models including the new Ninja 300 and the 636cc Ninja ZX-6R. Kawasaki also expects growth from the beginning of construction of new production plants in Indonesia and expansion of the factory in Thailand.

Overall, Kawasaki Heavy Industries reported a profit of 12.4 billion yen (US$152.5 million), well short of its forecast of 14.0 billion yen.

[Source: Kawasaki]

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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