Aprilia SRV850 Maxi-Scooter Gets Optional ABS and Traction Control

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Aprilia announced it will produce a new version of the SRV850 maxi-scooter with an anti-lock braking system and traction control. The Aprilia SRV850 ABS/ATC is the latest scooter from the Piaggio Group to include both technologies, following the Piaggio BV350 and the Piaggio X10.

The Aprilia SRV850 uses a sensors located in both wheels. The sensors detect wheel speed and, when it senses one wheel is decelerating faster than the other, the electronic control unit adjusts the brake hydraulics to prevent the wheels from locking up.

The traction control system works in similar fashion, only it activates when it notices when the rear wheel is rotating faster than the front wheel, indicating rear wheel slip. The control unit then adjusts ignition advance and injection timing to limit torque and prevent the loss of grip.

The SRV850’s traction control system has two modes: sport and standard. The sport mode is less intrusive for more aggressive riding while standard mode is for regular everyday commuting use. Riders can switch between the two modes or even turn the system off using controls located next to the right hand grip.

The ABS/ATC and the base models are otherwise the same, except for some labels. The engine is still a giant (for a scooter) 839.3cc powerplant claiming 75 hp at 7750 rpm and 56.3 ft-lb. at 6000 rpm. Piaggio claims the Aprilia SRV850 ABS/ATC has a dry weight of 551 pounds, a couple of pounds higher than the base model’s 549 pounds.

The Aprilia SRV850 is expected to arrive in North America as a 2013 model, but it’s not clear at this point whether the ABS/ATC version will be offered. The Piaggio BV350 was similarly announced for North America but it will not be offered with both systems as it is in other markets (where it is called the Beverley Sporttouring 350).

[Source: Piaggio]

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