Motorcycle Vs. Car: What Happens When Cooler Heads Don't Prevail [Video]

Pete Brissette
by Pete Brissette
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motorcycle vs car what happens when cooler heads don t prevail video

If you’ve been riding motorcycles for a while, chances are you’ve encountered a motorists or two that put your temper on the boil. Maybe the vehicle’s driver sawed you off with an abrupt lane change with seeming little regard for you, the vulnerable motorcyclist. This is just one scenario; many more exist.

And maybe the incident was enough to have you shouting unintelligbly inside your helmet. But did you ever consider taking on Goliath, and teaching the inconsiderate driver a lesson, in the Motorcycle vs. Much Bigger Vehicle battle?

Cagers can really piss us off sometimes, that’s for sure. But before you contemplate puttin’ the smack down on the four-wheeler, consider the potentially disastrous (or even fatal!) outcome that was narrowly avoided when the motorcyclist in this video exacted his revenge.

Pete Brissette
Pete Brissette

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