2011 Vyrus Moto2 Grand Prix Racer Preview

Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke

A hub-center-steered bike enters GP competition

Motorbike cognoscenti recognize the Vyrus name, the Italian brand producing exotic sportbikes based on the amazing hub-center-steered Bimota Tesi.

The Vyrus story begins when Bimota filed for bankruptcy in the early 2000s. Vyrus principal Ascanio Rodorigo, a former Bimota employee, began producing his version of the Tesi after Bimota let its patents expire while it was in bankruptcy. When Bimota re-launched under new ownership in 2003, Vyrus reportedly built the Tesi for Bimota because it was already in production.

Vyrus currently builds three versions of the Tesi, each with Ducati powerplants and unique swingarm front ends.

The Vyrus 984 uses a 992cc air-cooled motor with a claimed 90.5 hp. It has a purported dry weight of just 331 lbs.

The Vyrus 985 uses the liquid-cooled Ducati engine from the 999R, said to produce 155 hp. It scales in at 346 lbs dry and has a retail price near $70,000.

And there is also a Vyrus 987 model that uses a 185-horse 1198R Ducati engine and a carbon fiber chassis. Check out our review of the 987 here.

The next Vyrus chapter begins with an entry into the FIM Moto2 Grand Prix series for the 2011 season, making the 986 model the first hub-center-steered bike to be raced in this class. As with all Moto2 machines, it is powered by a version of Honda’s CBR600RR engine.

The 986 will be unveiled January 21 at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, Italy. Two models will become available this spring, which Vyrus states are “the most innovative motorcycles ever produced in series.”

The Vyrus “Moto2 Racing version” is said to weigh just 298 lbs, right at the minimum weight limit for the class. Vyrus will also offer a “Moto2 Replica,” which will be a street-legal version of the racebike.

More details about the 986 will be revealed at the Verona Expo. Stay tuned.

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