Who Says the Spyder Isn't a Motorcycle?

Alfonse Palaima
by Alfonse Palaima

Motorcycles can have three wheels...or four...or one

After I posted the preview for the new Spyders, the forum board got me fired up again. Every time I write about something eccentric, the progeny of Merriam Webster like to write in and remind me that Spyders aren’t motorcycles. I would disagree, but no one will remember this next time no matter what I say, I’d put money on that.

who says the spyder isn t a motorcycle

There’s a difference between what you believe and what you know. Nowhere in the construct of the word motorcycle does it suggest a limit on the number of wheels. Are you riding motor-bicycles? Are you riding at all? KPaul? The very ‘first’ motorcycle had 4 wheels by the way. Damn you facts!

What would be your opinion on the Enicycle? Or a trike? Don’t answer that….

How about we just call the Spyder a motor-tricycle? Better yet, let’s call it a Reitwagen (riding car) from now on. And, yes, I got that from Wikipedia.

Although motorcycles are most commonly two-wheeled motor vehicles, they can be so much more. The world isn’t flat anymore! And if you don’t like choppers, sport bikes, dualies or whizzers, don’t ride ’em. That just leaves more for me to ride!

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