$2.9 Million Reasons to Snitch on the Hells Angels

Joe Magro
by Joe Magro

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2 9 million reasons to snitch on the hells angels
2 9 million reasons to snitch on the hells angels
Sylvain Boulanger, a former Quebec chapter member of the Hells Angels signed a contract that will pay him $2.9 million CAD (currently that’s about $2.65 million USD), over the course of the agreement. The 19-page contract was signed on September 21, 2007 and so far, 156 people face charges in Operation SharQc so that works out to about $18,500 CAD per arrest, they are still looking for another 24 full-patch members.

It takes something very special to infiltrate a group like the Hells Angels. The police can’t do it because during the investigation an informant might be expected to commit certain crimes. We can’t place our own people in a gang like that. Unidentified police source.

Allegedly, Boulanger gave investigators details from meetings that were held in July 1994 when members of the Hells Angels voted in favor of a gang war against the Alliance for control over drug turf in Montreal and Quebec City, it lasted for about eight years.

The previous believed record for buying information was $1.75 million CAD that was signed back in March 2000 but the informant, Dany Kane, took his own life just months after agreeing to the deal. Kane, was a member of the Rockers, a defunct Hells Angels affiliate gang.

Boulanger, became a full-patch member in 1993 and was sergeant-at-arms for the Sherbrooke chapter, he reportedly retired from the gang in 2001 (can you even do that?), good luck Sylvain!


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