91 Years of Up Hill Struggle and Billings Still Puts the Fans On Top

Eric Schmidt
by Eric Schmidt

"Look up, look waaaaay up!" you'll play witness to a modern Sisyphean challenge.

The Great American Championship Motorcycle Hill Climb celebrates 91 years of up-hill history this weekend. For the greater part of a century riders have pitted themselves – and their machines – against physics and the all mighty hill. Modified motorcycles screaming “Yes, I Can!” with fully cranked wrists and open throttles spinning wildly up impossible terrain.

The few who make it look down on 420 feet of shale hill and near vertical climbs. For the greater sum of competitors it’s the inevitable fate of “what goes up, must come down”. Gravity grabs hold throwing rider and machine back to cold, hard earth.

Luckily, for those whom find themselves staring down the hill – in mid-air, with a 300 lb motorcycle somewhere over top them – there are precautions. As the unfortunate competitors ride ends, the Catchers job has begun. “Catchers”, they are what they sound like. These men tackle plummeting bikes often barely avoiding the plummet themselves.

What could insight anyone to compete in such a potentially self-mutilating activity? Fame, glory, money. Yes, three times fast. $40,000 is on line as well as bragging rights. These odds have brought names like Jeremy McGrath, Pete Krunich and Shannon Chamberlain into competition.

For the 10,000 expected to be in attendance the city of Billings puts on their most hospitable welcome. Air-conditioned tents, food and beverage services, unlimited parking, tailgate parties, On-site camping and more are some of the luxuries laid out for spectators.

Visit http://www.billingsmotorcycleclub.us/ for more information.

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Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt

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