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Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

A new British motorcycle brand

British motorcycle design studio Xenophya Design and product designer Ellis Pitt have teamed up to produce a new company, Mac Motorcycles.

Based out of Upton-Upon-Severn in Worcestershire, England, Mac Motorcycles will produce a line of bikes powered by Buell’s air-cooled single cylinder 492cc engines used in the Blast, with a tubular backbone frame.

On the company’s website, Pitt describes its bikes as being simple to maintain, include references and details from choppers and bobbers and feature “ Harley posture, flat-track manners, Ducati handling”.

To see photos of the full line up, hit the jump.

Between us we’d designed, modified, built and ridden all sorts of motorcycles over the last 30 years and thought it was time to produce a motorcycle that reflected our philosophy,” says Pitt. “Our influences have been diverse and we’ve made unusual connections between genres of motorcycles such as choppers, Italian singles from the 1950s, flat-trackers and competition specials. What underpins Mac Motorcycles’ philosophy though is the belief that the riding experience and the stories that go with motorcycle journeys seem to have been hijacked by technology and plastic.

The Ruby, which Ellis says is named after his first girlfriend, is described as a “girl-next-door” bike inspired by the Triumph X75 Hurricane.

The Roarer is described as an “experimental works special” and a spiritual descendant of its namesake, the Velocette Roarer.

The Peashooter is a café racer with influences from Moto Guzzi and Honda’s CB500.

The Spud is Mac Motorcycles’ interpretation of a bobber, designed for “mooching about the lanes and streets on, feet forward, grin on your face”.

Mac Motorcycles plans to market its bikes in North America, the U.K., and Japan with possible expansion to France and Australia. Depending on tuning options, Mac Motorcycles is pricing its bikes between 8,000 pounds and 10,000 pounds ($12,800 to $16,000 US).

For more info, visit the Mac Motorcycles site.

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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