Should This Ducati Video Be Rated R?

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

Ducati Monster reveals all to change colours

should this ducati video be rated r

I’m feeling a little uncomfortable after watching Ducati’s recently posted “Colour Therapy” video. Are you prepared to watch a Ducati technician strip a Ducati Monster of it’s plastic to reveal it’s true nakedness? Cover your eyes if you are under 18.

Ducati posted this video on YouTube to promote their “Colour Therapy”. “Colour Therapy” is there way of customizing the colour of your Ducati Monster motorcycle with an easily interchangeable kit that is available at Ducati dealerships. I have personally picked out a new colour for the Ducati that I don’t own.

should this ducati video be rated r

Hit the jump to see how a Ducati technician strips a Ducati Monster to “re-dress” it with some new colours.

Check out Ducati’s Colour Therapy site.

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