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Dustin Woods
by Dustin Woods

Aqua Star builds H2O-bound bike

No, this isn’t one of Q’s creations for 007 agent James Bond, this is the Russian-built Aqua Star. Combining elements of an atmosphere diving suit from days of old and water propeller toys that your kids use in the pool, the Aqua Star is something of a motorcycle that allows its user to ride underwater without scuba equipment.

The body of the rider stays emerged in water while their head is encased in somewhat of a helmet that is equipped with an air-supply system. Two electronic motors permit movement in all directions and allow the rider to turn around on the spot. Developers of the Aqua Star claim their motorcycle can be used at a depth of up to about 42 feet and attain a speed of roughly 4 mph.

The Aqua Star was designed and constructed by brothers Dmitry and Timophey Ryabikiny from the Russian city of Yeisk, who say they would like to sell the machine to dive shops and are currently working on a two-seater.

Dustin Woods
Dustin Woods

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