Wesll Quad Prototype

Dustin Woods
by Dustin Woods

Four-wheeled streetbike doubles the fun

A number of manufacturers have tinkered with various three-wheeled motorcycle applications over the years. Companies like Piaggio, Can-Am, Brudeli and even Harley-Davidson have produced unique trikes with ranging levels of success. The Wesll Corporation is attempting to do one better, literally, as it develops a four-wheeled mechanism that could be applied to many different kinds of bikes.

The working prototype involves a tilting mechanism that allows lean angles exceeding 50 degrees. Tipping the scales at a sprightly 310lbs, the 500cc quad has 28-inches of wheel travel! While the prototype looks like a lightweight ATV with wheels for the street, Wesll’s website offers animated renditions of the four-wheeled, leaning mechanism on a Kawasaki, Aprilia and even a Ducati. The site backs up the technology by saying that, “Engineers have long known that leaning a four-wheeled vehicle, to mirror the capabilities of a motorcycle, would provide greater speed and efficiency.”

Getting the system approved for the street will indeed prove to be a challenge, likely even more so than the aforementioned three-wheelers. Apparently, owner Tom Wesll isn’t interested in making the system available as a kit, but would prefer to work directly with OEMs in hopes that they will adopt this system. I would assume that this endeavor would prove to be an even bigger hurdle, regardless of how fun the system looks!

Dustin Woods
Dustin Woods

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