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Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

Winter Riding, Ducati Movies, and Batman's Crotch.

Here are a few things going on around the Forum Network:

What the heck is this?

motorcycle com weekly community round up

HomerSaurus of the forums had a bit of an accident on his Honda and wound up with this extra part leftover after rebuilding his bike. So what the heck is it?

If the crash involved the bat-cycle, I’d have to say it looks like it could be Batman’s, uh… crotch armor… That’s not a weird guess, right?

motorcycle com weekly community round up

He found out later that it’s not part of his Honda at all but belongs on a Suzuki. Did HomerSaurus crash into the Batpod, which might actually be a Suzuki motorcycle? And more importantly, is Batman OK?

Do you know which Suzuki motorcycle part this is?

Who rides through winter?

morssolis of the forums wonders who the heck rides through winter? Northerners, feel free to be jealous of everyone in that thread who said “ya, it’s only slightly cooler out”. Where I come from, if you really want that motorcycle experience in the winter, look into a DUG bike. I wouldn’t want to go on a cross country winter tour on it though, and I’d definitely invest in some warm boots for every time you have to stop and put yer foot down into the powder. Here’s a video of a guy climbing over a small snow bank on his DUG.

Silver Screen Ducati Sightings

Matter-Of-Fact has started a thread on the forums asking for movies with Ducati’s in them at some point. It’s quite a list at 7 pages long at the time of me writing this.

I’d like to include my own movie that I am writing in that list. It’s about a young and handsome guy who works and blogs for who rides a Ducati Desmosedici RR to work. The movie mostly features this guy writing blog posts at his desk. That’s all I have right now. I hope to have it in theaters in 2010, starring Danny Glover as the content-editor, Joe Magro, and Val Kilmer as the lovable and awesome main character..

motorcycle com weekly community round up


Here’s an extra interesting topic for you guys…

Lets see pictures of Extreme Lean

bdruggan10R of the ZX forums puts a call out to see some pics of extreme leaning and the forum members deliver. This guy should be on the ground!

motorcycle com weekly community round up

Click here to see more extreme leaning pics in the thread.

That’s all for this week, folks! Stay tuned next week for more random and interesting posts from around our communities. Sign up and join in the discussions going on. A list of our communities is at the bottom of this very page! (I’m serious, go look!)

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