Wanna Take Your Bike for a Spin Across the Lake?

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

Foiljet concept a cross between a motorcycle and a Jet Ski

If you’re anything like me you’ve

spent hundreds of hours dreaming of the time you could ride a motorcycle across the water – perhaps even take a scenic ride to the Caribbean.


OK, I’ve never actually thought about it before in my life, but somebody has.

Recent college graduate Matt De BelleFeuille came up with a concept for a vehicle he’s calling the Foiljet. According to Matt, the Foiljet would use hydrofoils an electric motor to provide a motorcycle-like experience on the water.

“To operate the Foiljet the rider will simply lower the foil beams and accelerate,” De BelleFeuille says in his thesis. “The hydrofoils will then start to act as wings, making the vehicle foil borne.”

According to the specs, the Foiljet would be powered by a 20hp 48 Volt engine. Not only that, but batteries that run this sub-200 pound watercraft would be able to last for three hours and recharge in only 10 minutes! I think that makes my concept of a Suzuki Gixxer spaceship sound realistic. Now where do I find some plutonium to power this puppy?

If I could just find some plutonium my spacebike will be complete!
Lucas Cooney
Lucas Cooney

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