Restoring a 1972 Harley is Scary Enough

Joe Magro
by Joe Magro

Teen is obsessed with Halloween

Evan Cantrell is a 16 year old from Oxnard who will be using his ’72 Harley that he is restoring to make you afraid, very afraid. This year marks the 10th Halloween that the Cantrell family has gone overboard with the festivities. This year will have a haunted hotel porch theme. “Little kids screaming is like music to my ears,” Cantrell said, joking.
“Some people would say I’m crazy letting a 16-year-old ride a Harley. But Fred has put him through all the courses. And I know he doesn’t do drugs and doesn’t drink,” his mother said. Currently he rides a 2002 Harley and credits his step-father Fred for getting him into motorcycles. That is not the only thing he is into; fire-knife dancing is his other passion.


Joe Magro
Joe Magro

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