Church Of MO – Honda EXP-2

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The Honda EXP-2 is a tease of what could have been. As two-strokes have been phased out in this country due to emission requirements, many thought (and so far rightly so) that the two-stroke would be a thing of the past. At least in regards to road-going motorcycles. Honda, being the might that it is, attempted to change that. With the EXP-2, Honda was hoping to bring a competent road-legal off-roader to market that would also burn clean. Hindsight tells us the experiment didn’t quite go as planned, but the EXP-2 is still no less a technological marvel to investigate further. In this week’s Church of MO, Contributing Writer Ely Kumli takes us on a tour of the EXP-2. The two-stroke that could have been…

Honda EXP-2

The Return of Two Strokes?

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