Truth be told, this wasn’t one of my favorite memories at the time, but racing a Honda Grom for 24 hours back in 2015 (and subsequently, a Honda CRF150R supermoto in 2016) has slightly changed my life in a small way. More on that in a sec. First off, the reason this story was such a nightmare for me was because we had taken the time to acquire all the best parts one could get for a Grom, but hadn’t taken any time to actually test it. The end result, in case you haven’t read the story, was the worst-handling motorcycle I’d ever ridden. The thing wanted to kill you each time you even thought about leaning it over. Combine that with the realization that we had to ride the thing for 24-freaking-hours, and the thought of packing it in almost prevailed.

As it turned out, our pal Ed Sorbo got the bike sorta rideable after a couple hours spent taking the suspension apart, and we would go on to finish the event. Finishing itself was an accomplishment, but the reason why the Grom and CRF changed my life is because I’ve since gone on to purchase a mini bike of my own – a Suzuki RM85, decked out in full mini supermoto trim. Why? Because riding mini bikes is some of the most fun you can have for the money in all of motorcycling. Sure, riding big bikes and dragging knee is fun, but for the hundreds of dollars you save doing the same thing on mini bikes, the smiles-per-dollar quotient can’t be beat. The Grom and CRF150R are responsible for teaching me that lesson.

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